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resolutions for spiritual development and intuition

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Happy New Year! Do you make New Year’s resolutions? Many people resolve to lose weight, eat healthier, exercise and keep a positive mindset. In addition to these worthwhile endeavors, have you thought about what you are going to do to improve your intuition and spiritual development? In this blog, I offer you some ideas on how to start incorporating more spirituality into your daily life. This includes ways to improve your intuitive senses.

Before we talk about how you can improve your intuition and bring more spirituality into your life, it would be great to understand WHY we don’t stick to our resolutions.

Everyone has good intentions at the beginning of the year. We all want to make this the best year that we can. So why is it that we fall off the wagon a few weeks in?

It isn’t about will-power. It’s about having a reason to change that means more to you than keeping the same routine you have now. Two other things that factor into your success are consistency and ease.

People are driven by desire and by pain. Either we want something badly enough that we do whatever it takes to achieve it or we don’t want something anymore so we make changes. Spirituality is often sought after when we feel lonely or want more meaning in our lives. Often it’s the question of “why am I here?” that starts the journey.

For me, I can’t separate my spirituality and my intuition. They go hand in hand. Intuition is the communication vehicle that gives me more access to finding meaning in my life. It also gives me nudges, information, and signs that I wouldn’t have otherwise paid attention to or understood the meaning of that helps me to find my way in life.

Consistency is paramount. I recently watched a TEDx episode on YouTube with Dan Millman, the author of The Peaceful Warrior. His example of starting an exercise routine is funny and illustrates the power of consistency and ease. Every day you get up and do one jumping jack – that’s it. You do this for a month. Next month, you double your workout and do two.

I won’t tell you the entire story as it is well worth watching this video and Dan Millman says it better than I can. I will say that when you work at something in incremental stages and do it no matter how you feel, you will succeed.

Here is a list of things you can start to incorporate in your life now that will help you deepen your spiritual development and tune into that small voice and gut feeling of your intuition. If you make these part of your New Year’s resolutions, you’ll have a great start to 2014.

1) Read inspiring books or listen to inspiring audio every day.
If possible, do this in the morning to set the tone of your day and find your centre. A few pages or minutes are all you need. As our last thoughts of the day can move into our dream state, you may want to do this right before bed if you have trouble finding time in the morning.

2) Meditate.
This is the best way I know of to find your Self, the Divine, your intuition. Even if you do 10 minutes a day, you’ll be better off. A half hour is great. You don’t need to sit and meditate for long periods of time to benefit.

3) Use Your Right Brain Every Day.
Your imagination and creativity come from the right side of your brain. Intuition is a right brained activity. When you strengthen the right brain, you build your intuitive channels.

Find a creative outlet. This is about the process and not the outcome. For example, if you can’t draw then doodle. Or schedule in some daydream time. Make it playful so your creative side shines.

4) Pray.
A good way to raise your vibration is to pray for other people. If you aren’t comfortable with the concept of prayer or you don’t know who to pray to, then just send love to people. When your vibrations are high, it’s easier to receive messages. It also helps to open your heart up. And you are helping others too!

5) Find a group of people with similar interests.
I am always happy when I see my students connecting with one another in my classes. I know how hard it can be to find like-minded people. It can be a long and lonely journey when we can’t find spiritually similar people to talk to.

Join a book club that focuses on spiritual books, join an online forum, or ask a couple of people if they want to meet with you weekly for meditation and tea.

6) Make your space sacred.
This could be at work and/or at home. At home, I have a picture of the Hathors in my bedroom. It reminds me that I have higher beings helping me. Maybe a small statue of Archangel Michael by your bed will bring you comfort. I also have a few crystals, a stained glass dream catcher, and a candle or two in my home.

At work, you may not want to be so obvious. A small crystal on your desk is fine. Maybe your screen saver may be scrolling positive affirmations or a quote that inspires you. The zen mini-sand box is not only a stress reliever but can be a way to connect back to center.

For a long time, I kept a white feather at my computer. It was a sign from Spirit in answer to a work question and reminded me of the support I have from my Spirit Guides. If anyone questions you about these things, all you need to say is, “I like it!” and leave it at that (unless you want to share).

Can you imagine how doing one or two of these things all year could really make a difference in your spiritual development? Set your intention, schedule the time, make it easy and fun, and do it every day. Have a wonderful 2014!

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