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shamanic soul retrieval

Right now soul retrieval is all the rage in New York. I was thumbing through one of those women’s magazines at my doctor’s office last week and there was an article on shamanic soul retrieval. How strange was that!

Strange for two reasons. First, who would think that among pictures of models, cosmetic ads and fashion would be a shamanic soul retrieval article? Second, two days later, I was to go on my very own soul retrieval journey for the first time.

What is it and why would anyone do it? It turned out to be such a sacred journey that I have trouble putting it into words. Maybe if I tell you what happened, you’ll understand what it is and why it left me feeling whole and strong.

I arrived at Shaman Ing Brown’s place in Barrie, Ontario after having showered with certain aromatherapy oils, as per her request. This cleansing ritual prepared my energy for what lay ahead. I really had no idea what would happen, but when I walked into her healing space, I knew it was going to be something I would never forget.

Candles, native drumming, and crystals would be part of this. As well as totem animals – one of Ing’s many gifts of being a Shamanic healer. She journeys with animal spirits that are akin to her. And I would be integrating one of my totem animals too.

After I settled on her healing table and she prepared my energy for the journey, we started. She was my anchor. I was able to fly as high as I wanted to while she safely kept me tethered to the earth.

As I journeyed up higher into the universe, I felt a freedom and the possibilities of everything open up for me. And then the real work began.

It was time to release two people energetically from my life. And I was ready to cut the cords. I had done so much work on my own around these relationships. I had shifted so much. This was the last piece for me. The cords were cut and I felt release, knowing that this was freeing us both.

Ing guided me with her strong, soothing voice, telling me that we were now going to do the soul retrieval part of this process. I needed to nothing but receive, while she did what shamans have been doing for centuries.

She quickly breathed a part of my soul back into my solar plexus and I felt something integrate. This is what she would call returning a part of my soul that had been given to or as some say, “stolen”, by another.

But this wasn’t the end of our shamanic journeying together. Next we worked with energy of my totem animal.

After our session, as I looked into her deep blue eyes, Ing told me that it would take 48 hours to integrate everything. It’s been 5 days since the soul retrieval. Something has shifted for me.

I must admit that when I first heard about soul retrieval, I wasn’t sure if it was something I wanted to try. But after being guided by the skillful hands of Ing, I am awed by the process.

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