Psychic Ability or Mentally Ill?

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I have a psychic friend whose sister was under an enormous amount of stress. Because of the stress, she developed what is called a psychotic break. To an outsider who is not psychic, it looked like she was talking to thin air.

To my friend, who is both a psychic and medium, he could perceive the spirits she was speaking to and the conversation she was having made sense. So is she psychic or mentally ill? Is there a connection between psychic abilities and mental illness?

Yesterday I received a call from a man who was concerned about his wife. He wanted to know whether she was perceiving spirits psychically or if there was a spirit attachment to her. He told me that she had become so fearful of the spirits that her personality had changed and she refused to say what they were saying to her.

I have another spiritual friend who described to me the ups and downs of his emotions. I didn’t realize that he struggled with schizophrenia and was on medication. Unfortunately, he decided to go off of his medication. He started to get “psychic” messages that were quite disjointed and not attached to reality. He claimed he saw spirits that told him certain things which did not match with what was really going on around him. So in some cases, mental illness may be connected to psychic abilities, but the information received may not be for the highest good.

Some people in the spiritual community believe that for some reason there is a tear or a rip in the aura that allows entities or spirits to influence people who are mentally ill. They are really accessing something that is out of our earthly realm. These spirits interfere with their emotions and thought processes. This psychic opening can be related to mental illness, and it can cause those around the person to wonder – psychic ability or mentally ill?

Sometimes this may happen because of great stress in their lives. For example, the death of a loved one, a relationship break up, or other stressors. Inevitably, it’s accompanied by changes in brain chemistry – whether long term or temporary.

The key is that they do not have the proper coping tools or constitution to handle the stress and it results in dysfunctional thinking patterns and behaviours. They may or may not really be seeing or hearing spirits.

Being psychic does not mean that you become crazy. It’s important to realize that there are many spiritual and psychic people who are very grounded and sane. The point is that rather than jumping to a conclusion that there is a spirit interfering and going to many different psychics to try to remove it (or them), it’s better to seek professional help first.

Some prescribed drugs may block the perception of spirits so the person can lead a normal life. It may give people time to heal, as in the case of my friend’s sister. It may be needed for life, as in the case of my friend with schizophrenia.

So what happened to these people? My friend’s sister, was temporarily placed on medication, got some help and she came out of her psychotic break. She stopped seeing and hearing spirits. This was a good thing, as she was making poor choices because of it.

The call I received from the man was a little bit different. I suggested that he first consider ruling out any sort of mental health problem before resorting to contacting psychics. My concern was twofold — that she get the help that is both appropriate and effective for her, and that he avoid getting potentially scammed by psychics who would take advantage of this situation.

My friend who is schizophrenic must have hit bottom because the last I heard he is back on medication. It’s the only way, as far as I know, that he is able to function.

Perhaps one day science and spirituality will come up with a common understanding of mentally ill people so that we can work together. Until then, we must consider what is best for each person and not rule out there being a mental disturbance and/or energetic influence.

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Selina Khan, Toronto Psychic Medium and Reiki Master
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  • Matt October 5, 2012, 3:23 pm

    Hi, I saw and heard things for 1 day and then got put on medication, since on medication i’ve not heard anything or saw anything in 3 years apart from 1 occasion.

    If mentally ill people have a rip in their aura then why do they stop hearing and seeing things after being put on medication?

  • admin October 11, 2012, 9:11 am


    As far as I understand it (and I’m not an expert in this field) there are certain medications that suppress your intuition. I know that some of my clients have told me they were less intuitive when on certain medications – like some anti-depressants. As for some anti-psychotic medications, I assume it has the same effect as some anti-depressants. I do not understand the mechanism of how this happens i.e. brain chemistry/energy/aura – as I said, I’m not an expert in that field and I have not come across any studies that would explain this. It would be interesting to study this from a more scientific point of view.


  • Mike December 24, 2012, 9:56 am

    I know of Indigos who might be considered mentally ill as they look like it, but I do have a question and that is, those of us who have worked with you, had our courses and learnt from you, are we all part of the Indigos?

  • admin December 27, 2012, 10:00 pm

    Not all of my students are technically indigos. However, all of us – whether my students or not – have our particular purposes and life experiences which are meant to help us grow toward our ultimate goal – realizing that we are all part of Source (God, Divine Love, the Universe, etc). We also are all equipped with intuitive abilities and those are innate gifts in all of us.

  • Ell June 15, 2013, 5:09 am

    Your website is extremely interesting and informative – thank you. It is of particular interest to me as all my life I have had psychic experiences of different kinds. However, after extreme stress and bereavement, I started to hear something I had not experienced before – voices in my head. I was quite confused about this, not knowing if this was some other psychic thing or illness. I was put on anti-psychotic drugs for two years and the muffled voices in my head have gone. I do still have what I had prior to my illness, clear voices and sometimes singing from outside of my head. My psychic experiences continue and are always of interest to me.

    Besides this, my partner who I live separately from (due to his illness), suffers from schizoprenia . He hears horrible voices saying very negative things. He also gets feeling of hatred from people, cars, radios and TV’s. His illness has not been improved much in the 25 years I have known him and his experiences of voices seem very different to my own.

    I have always wondered if he is under attack from some bad spirits. I think what you advise in your article is very sound. Some people do actually have a mental illness and perhaps they are also being affected by spirit. I would love to know in my partners case if this is what is happening. Maybe I should take him to a medium to see if they can percieve any spirits.

    Thank you so much for your article. Ell

  • Caroline Andrews December 8, 2014, 2:54 pm

    Hi there!
    I read this article with interest, as during my 20s I was sectioned twice, diagnosed as Bipolar and told I was psychotic in both major episodes.
    However, now I have done research and had many discussions with people who I would call intuitive or psychic, and my gut feeling that the whole thing was a spiritual matter was confirmed…
    I am very interested in working to promote the link between mental health and profound spiritual occurrences and so am quite encouraged by the fact that there are already people making that link!
    When I was in hospital, I experienced a lot of interesting interactions with spirits and energy, and different ladies who were also having these types of experiences but being told they were totally imagining things. One particular lady was being pschichly attacked by an uncle who had abused her in her early years and now in spirit was also doing the same. Just by my guessing and telling her this could be the case, rather than her being “schizophrenic” really helped her to remain positive. However I imgine without continued support by people who are understanding in this way, I fear that she could have remained on medication and go back to thinking herself “off her head”.

    I live in the UK and will be working to evoke those people who work as clairvoyants and mediums etc to begin to work with the mentally ill, and see if we can’t turn this situation around! One step at a time! I also think that, this is the reason I went through this experience to know it from the inside, and also it was my “breaking through” of the soul to get to know my true sense. The highs that I experienced were total spirit connection overload and AMAZING …. now I am able to feel connected to spirit in a grounded manner, and have not had an “episode in 6 years”
    Good luck to anyone else suffering I hope you find the right people to help you on your journey.

  • Tamir September 4, 2017, 11:02 am

    Mental illness is a sham. We are all gifted, and the world isn’t ready for people with these powers because it contradicts what modern tech and scientific society is all about. Listen to that small voice that comes over you once in a while. It will tell you the truth that no doctor or scientist will. You don’t need medication unless you are a danger to yourself or others. There’s a reason why the brain exists in two hemisphere.

    We have been brainwashed for the last century or so. Hidden knowledge. What a shame.

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