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Ever wonder if brilliantly creative people get their inspiration from the psychic realm? Their intuition may play a part in their creativity. And creativity covers a large field – art, writing, music, humour, even problem solving.

The words intuition and psychic have different meaning for different people. Most people think of intuition as a gut feeling or knowing. In my books, intuition and psychic ability go hand in hand. And when it comes to creativity, it’s a natural relationship.

Art can be inspired – when the words come out of nowhere and just flow from your pen. Or when you creatively solve a problem – and then stand back and say to yourself, “Where did that come from?”

In creative endeavors, you may use your intuition by tuning into how you feel, or just knowing what to do. For example, you may feel that your painting needs more green in a particular location. Or you may just know that the chapter you are writing will end best as a cliff-hanger.

Psychic Art

I used to draw sometimes by really relaxing and breathing my way into a light meditation. With my eyes open, I’d allow my hand to move in whatever way it wanted to. The lines that I found myself drawing had no form in the beginning. I trusted to draw where I felt my hand wanting to move and a picture began to take shape.

Psychic ability can also help you tap into your creativity. You can ask questions and receive answers through your psychic senses. Take painting for example. In the intermediate level of my Psychic Development Workshop Series, my students “tune-in” to know what colours to use, how to apply them, how much to apply, and when to stop.

The images in this blog are paintings that I did with just that technique. There are messages in each one of them. What do you see in them? After my students complete their own paintings, we learn how to interpret them using our psychic abilities.

The information comes through their psychic senses – seeing, hearing, feeling, and knowing are the big ones. There is also tasting and smelling but that isn’t as developed in most people. The more you develop all these senses, the easier it is for you to tap into the flow of intuition.

That flow of intuition is an energy of ideas, knowledge, and that spark that is indefinable yet peaceful and exciting at the same time. When you mix that with creativity, it opens ups the flood gates of possibilities.

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Selina Khan, Toronto Psychic Medium and Reiki Master
About the Author: Selina Khan

I'm a Psychic Medium and Reiki Master serving Toronto, Oakville, and worldwide. I help spiritual seekers & open-minded people get clarity, find meaning, and develop their own intuitive abilities so they can live up to their true spiritual potential and life purpose.

Want to develop your intuitive abilities with an experienced teacher? Selina has taught countless students to awaken their psychic senses, and also offers one-on-one Spiritual Mentoring.

  • Isabelle August 8, 2014, 9:00 pm

    This article just brought a great deal of clarity into my life. I have been drawing these sorts of psychic images through ‘scribbles’ lately, and more recently I’ve been picking up the energy of people surrounding me and drawing them deeper messages about their lives. Very interesting, thanks!!

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