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Haunted by Ghosts

Recently I was told about a TV show that features a psychic medium teaching kids how to get rid of ghosts. As I don’t have cable (yes TV does rot your brain and now science even says so, not just my parents), I’ve relied on the descriptions of my psychic friends as to what they think about paranormal TV shows.

Apparently, this psychic medium teaches kids to yell very loudly at the spirits telling them to “Go away!” and “Leave me alone!”. Aside from being very indiscriminate as to who these kids are yelling at (not all ghosts are trying to get your attention to be irritating or annoying), what are we really teaching them about spirit?

Yes, there are some times when you want to be strong and determinedly tell the spirit to leave. For example, it can be creepy when ghosts start moving objects! But how do you know if it’s your Aunt in spirit who is shaking the bed when you sleep, or if it’s a drop in spirit who just is up to no-good antics?

The first things these kids should be learning is how to control their abilities. We do, as psychics, have a choice as to how open we want to be. If you don’t want to be seeing ghosts and spirits, then learn how to close your third eye.

Picture it as a flower that is almost closing. Use your mind power and see that chakra getting smaller. You can use the same techniques to open it up when you want to as well.

If you are just super sensitive to the spirit world and this isn’t helping, then enlist the help of your Spirit Guides. “Hey Guides, can you help me not see spirits anymore? I really don’t like it. If they want my attention, then tell them to get it a different way that won’t bother me – and not when I’m sleeping. Thanks!”

By the way, you could say the same thing directly to the spirit or ghost.

How about teaching these kids that they can communicate with the spirits and if they need help, they have a choice as to whether to help the spirit cross or find peace, or to tell them to go to someone else who can help.

Picture this, you’re in spirit. You’ve chosen to stay back or you are just too attached to the earth to let go. Now you are not happy and you need some help. No one can hear you and then you realize this kid can see and hear you.

Because you desperately want help, you keep trying to get their attention and hang around them. Then all of a sudden, this kid turns to you and starts yelling at you to go away and don’t come back! So you wander off still stuck on on the earth plane.

Sometimes spirits are mischievous or don’t have the highest intention for you. By all means, yell away. But what empowered children we might have if we taught them how to assist those spirits still here and more importantly, how our relationship with the other side can enhance our lives.

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Selina Khan, Toronto Psychic Medium and Reiki Master
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  • Brooke Frana September 16, 2016, 7:45 pm

    Sometimes I hear voices while sleeping and mist of the time it sounds very creepy and makes me feel uncomfortable. This spirit tells me when I’m sleeping to Get Out! That scares me to death! I have also experienced them telling me to wake up or Shhh. Please let me know what I should do. Thank you!

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