Empathic Abilites and Boundaries


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Empathic people are able to sense the emotions of others. This can be a really great gift. It helps to stay in tune with your friends, family and co-workers so you can relate to them better.

But what happens when you confuse the emotions you sense from other people as your own emotions? How can you tell if it’s your own feelings or if you are psychically picking up on other people’s emotions?

Picture this: You are standing at a bus stop and someone comes up and stands beside you. All of a sudden you feel very sad for no reason. Instead of realizing that you are sensing the person beside you, you stay sad for most of the day.

That’s what happens when an empath who doesn’t have strong boundaries comes in contact with another person’s energy. They can’t tell if the emotion is theirs and they actually take it on as if it’s their own.

In order to be able to sense another’s feelings without absorbing them, you need to strengthen your aura. This can be done easily enough – using your mind (visualization), getting enough sleep, focusing on the positive.

It also helps if you look at your belief system. Most empaths are very sensitive people and they tend to have a habit of trying to save others, or taking them under their wing. That’s because they can easily sympathize with other people as they can actually feel their emotions.

The key is to look at where this martyr archetype came from. In other words, when were you taught to sacrifice yourself and your emotional well being in order to help other people.

Let’s say this is something that you were taught by repeated comments from your parents, or you feeling that you want people to like you so you bend over backwards to help them. In order to shift this pattern, you need to look at the absolute cause – the starting point.

Having a conversation with yourself and with the spirit of the person who helped you to develop those belief patterns (you don’t need to talk to them in person to shift) can be very transformational.

I often ask Spirit for guidance on how to help a client overcome challenges in their lives. Most times, there is a belief about themselves or the world around them that doesn’t serve their highest good.

As an empath, we can be more in sync with the people around us. And we don’t have the responsibility to fix them. Instead, if we learn to love them where they are and see that this is part of their path of learning and growth, it will be easier for us to maintain healthy boundaries and not be tempted to dive in and rescue them.

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