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talking to Spirit Guides

I sit here wondering what I should write about and so, as I do on many occasions, I ask my spirit guides. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be in my head, I’ll let you eavesdrop. Here is what my spirit guides say when I ask what to write:

There are many things you can do with your intuition, one of them is making better choices. It can help you find a clear way when you are bombarded with fear and indecision. Your gut is not the only indicator. When your gas tank is empty do you ignore the warning lights? Why then would you turn a blind eye to all the nuances of your intuition? It’s your internal guidance system that can alleviate the need to use your brakes so much when going on that journey of life.

This blog looks like it’s going to be about making better choices through your intuition. My guides tell me to tell you that it takes practice.

Once you’ve shut your warning light off a few times, your car will stall. Then you can get out and yell and scream at the circumstances or you can get back in the car and look through the owners manual (of life).

We have given you many manuals to choose from. I think they are referring to all the different spiritual and religious texts. It does not matter what kind of car you drive (what body you have incarnated in this lifetime). Every body obeys the rules of energetic mechanics. Learn to use yours wisely. Here are some tips.

1. Don’t eat meat unless you have to.

Really? Don’t eat meat unless you have to? Honestly guides? What about people who need to eat meat because it makes them feel better?

They should still cut down until it’s only needed.

This is going to be a funny blog. People are going to think I’m off my rocker.

If you wish we can relay this information in a different way. However, we do find that getting through life with a sense of humour is best. That brings us to point number two.

What’s point number two?

Trust your guidance. There will be those who will tell you what’s real and what isn’t. If someone is not sharing your body with you (here they mean if you aren’t channelling someone like in trance channelling) then how do they know how you feel? Don’t you trust your own feelings? Your intuition works the same way. It’s a muscle that needs to be used. Your intuition knows its own way. Trust it. It was built to never fail when left running properly.

Okay we only have 500 words.

We’ll speak in smaller sentences. 🙂 LOL

Anything else?


Really? That’s it? Anything else? We still have 100 words left.

We love you.

Thanks guides.

Our pleasure. Why don’t you shut this thing off and listen to your heart? You’ll find everything you need there.


And so my dear blog readers, that’s it. That’s a little snapshot of how I dialogue with my spirit guides when I write these blogs. Mostly, I work inspirationally, but sometimes my spirit guides give me word for word. I love them and I’m taking their advice and not deleting this blog post because it’s a little different than how I usually post.

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