Death Predictions and Exit Points in Life

death predictions, exit points

I’m often asked – can a psychic predict death? Every once in a blue moon, someone even asks me to predict when someone will die. Sometimes it’s because that person is sick and they want to know how much time they have before that person passes. Sometimes, they ask for a death prediction because they can’t stand the person and are looking forward to when they die. Other times, people are simply afraid of dying.

Predicting death is not always an easy thing. I generally do not like to predict or tune into when someone is going to pass. Somehow, I feel it is wrong to do so unless there is a benefit to someone.

For example, I had a client who told me that she had seen other psychics who told her she would die at a particularly young age from an illness. This woman wholeheartedly believed it.

You know that old saying – you are what you believe? Sometimes we can create things, draw things to us, that wouldn’t have otherwise happened based on what we believe to be true.

This was a concern to her as she had small children and loved her husband. She wanted to know if it was still true. She wondered – can psychics predict death?

When I took a peek into her future, I saw her living about twenty years further than she had been told. We talked about the influence she has in changing her future path. When she left, she was happy.

But what was the point of death the other psychics had picked up on? Was it a true death or metaphorical? Was it an exit point and her spirit had decided not to take it? What benefit can death predictions offer these people?

An exit point is believed to be an opportunity of death built into the life path that the spirit may or may not take. You have several of these exit points along your life. Death predictions may target one of these exit points, whether or not a spirit chooses to use them.

If your spirit chooses to leave life for whatever reason, it can do so at one of the exit points. The only one that you absolutely have to take if you didn’t take an earlier one is the very last exit point. I’ve also written about what happens after death.

I was told many years ago that two of my exit points had passed. One was when I was a teenager, when I could have passed away in my sleep. Another was in my twenties. I have no awareness of these points, I guess because my spirit decided I wasn’t ready to leave the earth plane yet.

This is just one theory and of course, there is no proof. I do know that when my mother was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer, she asked God that she be able to see me turn 10.

I was 3 at the time. She passed when I was 11. Did she have an exit point when I was 3 that she chose not to take? Was her final exit point when I was 11?

I remember another client where I was doing long distance reiki sessions. She was hospitalized and I felt that she was close to passing.

When I looked at her energy, there was only one thread keeping her attached to the earth plane. She was already starting to pop in and out of her body.

I called in her mother’s spirit from the other side as I was helping her work through some issues on the energetic plane. Her mother came through and her mother’s spirit started to speak to her.

Then something interesting happened. Remember those old TV episodes of Get Smart? The ones where there was a cone of silence? It was as if there was a cone of silence that descended and I couldn’t hear their conversation.

When they were done, her mother went back to the other side, and I ended the long-distance Reiki session.

The next day, my client dramatically improved and kept improving. So much for that exit point! I still don’t know what transpired that made a difference to her spirit deciding to stay. So it’s a very good thing I did not make a death prediction for her.

From that experience, I learned that death predictions are a slippery thing. Death predictions may not really help. Instead, it may give someone no hope or false hope depending on whether you are hoping the person lives or dies.

If death predictions are given with a general sense of timing and an understanding of how things may shift, it can allow people to focus on what’s important so that people have closure for when the time comes that they do pass. Despite this, I tend to shy away from predicting death. It’s not something I do lightly and only when I feel there is a benefit in knowing this information.

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  • Tracey Fugle April 21, 2014, 9:14 pm

    I am just a regular person no special gifts that I am aware of, but I am 49 and about a week before my husbands very sudden passing in his sleep at 53. He was as healthy as a horse they say it was a clot to his heart (deep vein thrombosis). I have a couple of questions: I thought you decide your lessons and death before you are born with the loved ones you will share your life with. We have an autistic son and in the middle of a terrible trial (he was rapped by boys at his school) he loved us so very much and was so excited to be starting a new job after being in a job for 40 years that he hated. I am having trouble understanding that he would choose that exit point? And why would we have chosen this most horrific time to leave our family when we decided our life lesson before we were born? I also a week before his passing I had the most unbelievable dream which I never dream a lot nor of him. We were slow dancing and I remember becoming overwhelming aware of how much I unconditionally loved him with my whole being and it was like in that moment I like melted into his soul like the love was so strong we became one. I woke up remembering that I had never experienced that and it was almost mystical. I then during the week before he passed out of nowhere began for no reason at all started having total panic attacks like I was melting into the ground. I couldn’t control it and never had anything like it before. It scared me so much I couldn’t leave the house and I truly thought I was loosing my mind. My husband was so concerned and worried. The day after the night he died I had made 2 dr’s appt. one with ear nose and throat cause I kept feeling like I was choking or something was stuck in my throat and the other my reg. dr. for mental health help. When I woke to his death rattle and last two breaths. I have no explanation but for the next 6 months I was a rock and never had any issues I was so strong for my children no one could believe how I handled everything perfectly. Not to say that since then I have trouble sleeping and sublte panic attacks just for the fact that he is gone. But can you explain any of this to me. Please it would be so wonderful of you to help me understand what mystical thing was happening. He also had the very best time and love and happiness I had ever known him to be or have before his death. He has never ever asked for a specific meal or what he wanted ever he was always so selfless. That weekend he asked for specific meals and stuff he wanted to do. He never did that before it was always whatever you and the children want.

  • admin April 23, 2014, 4:34 am

    Hi Tracey,

    I wish I had a good answer for you. There is no answer except that it was up to his spirit and God. I do believe that we choose certain experiences and opportunities in life to help us grow and gain wisdom. Sometimes on a soul level, we know the end is coming although on a conscious human level we don’t. Perhaps this is why he made the requests he did that last weekend.

    It is said that we are never alone, and that we are never given more than we can handle. It’s also said that mothers will do anything for their children. Perhaps Spirit was supporting you more than ever, you found your own strength, and did what you just had to do for your kids.

    Sometimes people have such a strong bond that we can have precognition on a subconscious level. The panic attacks may have been this. Perhaps your soul also knew the future.

    Cherish what you do understand and gives you peace. Know there are reasons for everything. Perhaps his getting a new job to be excited about before transitioning was a gift, rather than not being able to achieve this before his passing.

    Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. I wish you many blessings.


  • Samone January 14, 2015, 6:00 am

    I had a reading done around this time last year. It was the worst thing that I have ever done. Not a death prediction but a end of relationship prediction is what he told me. I love my partner of nearly 11years dearly, we have 2 young children & I am absolutely terrified of our relationship ending. I have stressed & had anxiety about this constantly for the last year that my hair has fallen out & have lost my appetite. He also told me my partner had cheated on me in the past but he came back to me so it was ok. I never ever thought that my partner would cheat on me which my partner has denied & swore on his family’s life that he hasn’t . Since having that reading I am now suffering with depression, anxiety & panic attacks, hair loss, loss of appetite (doctors says I’m anerexic), it’s killing me I never thought that having a reading would effect me like this. Thought about having another reading hoping that he is wrong but terrified to hear it again.

  • Selina January 16, 2015, 12:38 am

    Hi Samone,

    You are giving too much of your power away to this psychic reading. Readings are not absolutely determined. I’m so sorry that the person you read with did not explain this to you. When psychics see something as a future event, that is only a POSSIBILITY. This is a free-will reality. That means that if you are given something that is likely to happen in the future, you have the free-will to change it.

    Because you are so stressed, let me share a personal experience with you. My husband and I were told by many of our psychic colleagues that we would have twins. Twins are found in his family. Everyone said the same thing – a boy and a girl. My husband even had a vision before we met that he would be with a dark haired woman and they would have a boy and a girl. So you would think that it’s a given, yes? We gave it a go until a certain age, and then that’s it. There may have been a window of opportunity, but it didn’t happen.

    Assuming that the psychic read you correctly, things can and do change all the time. There is also a possibility that he did not read you correctly. No one is perfect.

    In the end, all things happen for reasons. This may have happened to help you learn to trust your own gut. YOU create your future, not a psychic prediction. Follow your heart. Put your trust in what you know is true in your heart – Love is stronger than anything.

    All the best,

  • Angel Quillin July 30, 2015, 6:35 pm

    Hi, I took a photo last night and a bright light appeared. How would I send it to you?

  • Selina Khan August 8, 2015, 2:05 pm

    Hi Angel,

    If you are wanting to include this photo in the orb gallery blog, you can send it to me in as a .jpg. I will need your permission to post the photo. If you would like me to tune into the energy of the orb, you can purchase an orb photo reading with me.


  • carol January 17, 2016, 6:03 am

    A psychic has told me my daughter will die in the next few months amongst other awful things. I am now anxious and depressed about the future, I never asked for this and for the past few months my life has been nothing but stressful. Very unfair and im praying she was wrong!I cant honestly believe how this can help anyone. I have totally lost faith in everything and cry most of the time.

  • Selina Khan January 20, 2016, 3:44 pm

    Hi Carol,

    I’m so sorry to hear about your experience! Unfortunately, some psychics do tell this kind of information. I also do not find it useful unless in very specific circumstances and only when asked by a client and even then, I am sure to tell them that:

    1) No one is 100% accurate
    2) Only God knows when someone will die with absolute certainty
    3) All things can change and nothing is set in stone
    4) Death predictions are difficult to make at best

    Take your power back. You’ve given far too much of it to this reading.


  • Darla March 7, 2016, 9:18 pm

    I frequently visited a psychic in my younger years that I trusted and was very accurate. One of the readings, she mentioned my oldest son and said that he was very intuitive and pay close attention to dreams that he has. Fast forward twenty years and my son calls me frantic and tells me he had a dream where he was in the hospital with me dying of throat cancer. This was a year ago and has ruined my life. My anxiety has gone through the roof and I constantly check my throat and panic. I have always had an intuitive nature and so has my son. When he was little, we would guess numbers in each others mind with remarkable accuracy. The problem is that I smoke and could very easily die of throat cancer but my concern is why would God want me to suffer with this knowledge? Any help would be greatly appreciated..

  • Selina Khan March 9, 2016, 7:42 pm

    Hi Darla,

    Knowledge is power. We receive messages for a variety of reasons, one of which is to give us a heads up of possible outcomes if we continue in the same way on the path ahead. Perhaps with the knowledge received, you can now change your behaviour and with that it is possible to change your future.

    All the best,

  • Tracey June 10, 2016, 6:36 pm

    I have been told i will pass away in 8mths i m not bothered as i despreatley wabt to be with my husband who passed away 6 weeks ago to suicide i also have always belived i wont see past 50th bithday this has been a thought for many years im 47

  • Selina Khan June 13, 2016, 3:17 pm

    Hi Tracey,

    I’m so sorry to hear about your husband. I can’t imagine what you are going through.

    In my opinion, only your spirit and God knows when your time of death will be. There are too many variables to predict death accurately and consistently and I question the ethics of telling someone something like this.

    I strongly suggest and urge you to seek a qualified counsellor or therapist who can help you through this time.


  • Neeha July 24, 2016, 3:13 pm

    I’m having intuitions of death. I have suddenly started to miss my family when they are staying with me 24 hours. I also hv intuition of my partner cheating on me. What should i do? I keep in stress n have lost appetite. I have expirenced that every intuition of mine was true.
    Physics have foretold that I’m having a bad time. Should i believe on this?

  • Selina Khan August 8, 2016, 5:50 pm

    Hi Neeha,

    My suggestion is to find a qualified therapist or counsellor to help you with your stress and intuition. Stress and anxiety can cloud intuition. Even if you have had intuitions that have come about, it does not necessarily mean that the ones you are having will. You have more power within you than any message that you receive from anybody, psychic or not. Focus on changing your energy and your thoughts and I again suggest that you get help from a therapist to help you with that if you are having trouble.

    With kindest regards,

  • Beverly Morgan August 11, 2016, 12:36 pm

    When will I die

  • Selina Khan August 12, 2016, 12:11 pm

    Hi Beverly,

    I don’t do death predictions and I don’t think it’s always so useful to know. Only God and your Spirit know for sure.


  • Sonya August 25, 2016, 7:26 pm

    l was told on Sun that there will be a death in my fam,of my child and l haven’t slept since then.

  • Selina Khan August 31, 2016, 12:15 pm

    Hi Sonya,

    I’m so sorry that this was something you experienced. No psychic is 100% accurate. Don’t give your power away to this message. It does not mean that it will happen as the message stated. Things change, and she or he may be wrong.


  • Scott Harvey October 10, 2016, 8:27 am

    Hi Selina

    A very dear close friend of mine was murdered couple of months ago… So concerned that he maybe “stuck” i did a lot of research into the spirit relm / afterlife.
    I myself have always believed i will die young and have been trying ways to communicate with my spirit guides which i found the best way for simple direct way is with a pendulum.
    My question i guess is, can spirit guides know when you will exit and die? I asked for my date of death and i worked out answer with the pendulum as January 2018??
    I have a young son and wife and was told that they will be fine.

    I realise how stupid this may appear but i just want the honest truth, even if its true… As i have consciously been preparing for a young death.

    Kind regards


  • Selina Khan October 28, 2016, 10:11 am

    Hi Scott,

    I wish I had the answer for you. We know very little about how this beautiful universe works. I believe that only God/Creator/Universe/Source and your spirit know when you will leave your body for the last time.

    In my experience, things can and do change. Just because this is the date your pendulum told you doesn’t mean that you will die then. There may be choices that your spirit makes ahead that will change this. There may be choices that you consciously make and this can change your path. There are things that we are not meant to know as it will affect our experiences and choices if we did know them beforehand.

    Also, who are you really connecting to? Just because you get a yes from your pendulum that you are speaking with your guides doesn’t mean it’s true. It could be a spirit with it’s own agenda. It could be that you are subconsciously influencing your results.

    If you are connecting to your Spirit Guides that’s great, but don’t forget that they are not all knowing. There are many beings that help us and they are also evolving themselves. Given that our Spirit Guides have our highest good in mind, I think it would be highly unlikely for them to tell us when we are going to die. Are there special cirumstances where people do know their death date? I think anything is possible, but given all of my other understandings of how things work, it’s not usually in our best interest to know.

    These are my own thoughts and understandings of things.


  • Larissa December 8, 2016, 5:28 pm

    Hello Selina

    Last month I went to a psychic to predict my future.
    He knew everything about my life, past and present, and really impressed me because I didn’t opened my mouth. I was just listening.
    At the end of the session he said he could see the energy of my husband and he would live for 10 more years that his time on earth is not long. We are in our 40th.
    One of my wishes was to move to Canada, but as my in laws are so old, my husband would never leave his parents and I totally agree with his decision. They need to be cared.
    So we gave up this plan and I thought at the moment that I only had been in Canada if I had no husband anymore.
    We love each other very much and I never wished his death.
    Of course I never told to my husband what the psych told me because he would be freaking out.
    My husband also went to this psych about 6 months ago and he belives in this person.
    In my point of view, this person has some powers, he said everything right about my husband past and present too. And this psych also predict to the future everything that my husband wishes.
    Was it possible that the psych read my energy at the moment and said it to scare me or he really felted death ?
    If he felt, what was the point to tell me that ?
    Kind regards,

  • Selina Khan December 18, 2016, 4:29 pm

    Hi Larissa,

    The reason I don’t like to give death predictions is because I don’t feel it does the person any good, and it’s very possible to be WRONG. Look, only God and your own spirit knows when the right time is to cross. Don’t give your energy to this person’s prediction. It doesn’t matter if you feel that everything else was correct. Some people are really good at reading thoughts and can tell you what you want to hear rather than what comes through.

    I’m sorry that this is what you experienced.


  • RICHARD J COLBY June 15, 2017, 8:12 pm

    had someone say to 7 yrs after partner died of 35 yrs i would join him,this was in 2013, pls say she’s right

  • Selina Khan July 5, 2017, 6:29 pm

    I’m sorry Richard, but I don’t give death predictions.


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