Are You Afraid of Dying?

afraid of dying

I recently met someone who would soon be going for his Doctorate in Divinity. He was intrigued by what I am and peppered me with all sorts of questions. “Are you afraid of dying?”

As someone who speaks to spirits, I have to say being a medium helps. Fear of dying doesn’t make sense to me — especially for those who are suffering and at the end of their lives.

Except for the few spirits who are attached to the earth plane and haven’t crossed over, all the spirits connect with are in a loving and peaceful place. They feel they are at home. Why fear this?

I know that as humans, we worry what’s going to happen to those we leave behind. We think about all the things and people we will lose. We wonder if we will have regrets as we look back over our lives. So for many people, it seems natural to be afraid of dying.

I do believe that everyone has a time to die. I know of two instances where the soul had a choice as to leave the body, and chose to extend their stay. For those who do choose to leave, or who have reached the time where they do not have a choice point anymore, death can be a release. Suicidal spirits can find peace.

Death can be a release from suffering. For people who are terminally ill, focusing on the positive aspects of dying and life after death can bring a sense of acceptance and peace. After months or even years of chronic pain that cannot be alleviated, they can look forward to release.

For those around the dying person, a different experience is created when the absence of fear exists. They understand that that person is transformed, not gone and unreachable. Knowing that their spirit is in a good place and that they feel whole and alive again can help. While this does not negate the grieving process, it does bring some comfort.

Plus our loved ones can visit us, give us guidance and help from the other side. That’s part of what I do – relay messages to you. It’s also something you can learn to do. I’ve taught many people to perceive and interact with Spirit.

One woman who came to my classes had a very particular goal in mind – to speak to her son. He had died in a car accident in his early twenties and she was anxious to make sure he was okay. When she experienced his energy around her and she was able to feel the love from him, an incredible sense of peace and joy shone out from her face.

Another of my students had lost her daughter quite suddenly. Imagine seeing your child come down with the flu only to die 24 hours later. Although the mother was already intuitive and could sometimes sense her daughter’s spirit, she strengthened her psychic skills and deepened her spirituality so she could enrich that relationship.

The other reason why I don’t fear death is I know that we are not alone when we leave our bodies. Angels, spirits guides and loved ones in spirits come to greet us. It is a reunion with those who have crossed before us.

For myself, I can connect with my mom’s spirit. I feel her energy and I get messages from her. I know – it’s not the same as having her here in human form. I know the loneliness you feel when you lose someone. My grief blocked my perception of her for a long time.

And when I was finally ready to connect with her in spirit it helped me in innumerable ways. I now know the joy and comfort in connecting with her spirit. When I miss her, I can talk to her and feel her energy. It’s strengthened my faith and allowed me to let go of the sadness.

While there are ways of dying I would not wish on anyone — I have heard from near-death experiencers that sometimes during a traumatic death process the spirit leaves the body before the body expires.

This experience has been described as watching what was happening to themselves as they stood or hovered outside the body. While these people can see and hear the reactions of their body, the consciousness of the spirit of that person observing themselves does not experience any pain or fear. They say it’s like watching a movie.

So while I don’t yearn to be on the other side (life here is full of joy and love as well, if we choose to create and experience it), I do know that I am not afraid of dying. Everything on this earth is temporary except for the life force itself. Death is not an end point but a transition back to our true essence.

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Selina Khan, Toronto Psychic Medium and Reiki Master
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