Top 7 Spiritual Awakening Signs

Iris – left eye of a girl by Laitr Keiows courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Ever wonder if there are any spiritual awakening signs? How do you know if you are spiritually awakening? And what does being spiritually awake mean anyway? I used to think if someone had psychic abilities that they must be very wise as well.

As I met more people on the spiritual path, I realized being psychic could be a part of being spiritual, but wasn’t necessarily so. [click to continue…]

prayer for the new year

By Camdiluv ♥ from Concepción, CHILE (Colours of Happiness) courtesy Wikimedia Commons license by-sa 2.0

Every year it seems to start earlier. Before Thanksgiving is done, Halloween items show up in the stores. Before Halloween is done, Christmas items and ads are everywhere. Then in between Halloween and Christmas, U.S. Black Friday (now not only a day but a whole week of sales) is becoming a very recognized event internationally.

However, I see that people are slowly starting to wake up. [click to continue…]

Willingness to Love by Dan Van der Wolf

On occasion I have the opportunity to read a book that has the possibility to deepen my understanding of myself and how I want to be in the world.

Willingness to Love by Dan van der Wolf is written from the heart and from a deep source of wisdom on how to shift your consciousness. It helps one on a spiritual path to embrace spiritual awakenings by opening up the heart, changing thoughts and finding ways to love, joy and peace. [click to continue…]

spiritual and mental detox, the mind

By HikingArtist (Own work) - A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words - courtesy Wikimedia Commons

A physical detox can do wonders for your body but have you ever thought of doing a spiritual and mental detox? Wouldn’t you love to feel lighter, be more positive and surround yourself with healthy and loving people? If this isn’t where you are right now, you might want to make some changes and detox your mind and spirit. This blog is about the first step in a spiritual/mental detox program. It all begins with you and your mind. Who’s in charge anyway? [click to continue…]

Spiritual Awakening: The Dark Night of the Soul

With Light From a New Dawn by Eric Robert Morse – released to public domain by artist, Wikimedia Commons

If you’ve ever experienced a dark night of the soul, then you know that this period is often the hardest but most meaningful spiritual awakening in your life.

A dark night of the soul feels like everything that gave you a sense of security and identity in your life has fallen away.

But rather than hitting bottom and getting stuck there, a dark night of the soul can be a necessary part of your spiritual awakening. [click to continue…]