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you were never born

Hande-30.jpg by Matthias Süßen (modified from original) ( courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Often we hear that we never die and that’s true. We are immortal. We don’t really have a body. We are a soul that has a temporary body. But even knowing this, we still tend to fear that one day our death will come. This blog is about rethinking the way you see your immortality. It’s also about the concepts of time and space. Here are a couple of things that might just get you to stop and think. [click to continue…]

thoughts change dna, ascension, light coding, activation

This blog is co-written by me and my Spirit Guide. My contributions are in regular text and my Guide’s are in italic.

For those of you who are not familiar with different points of view that are not accepted mainstream, some of what I’m going to write is going to seem really wacky. Thing is, science is catching on, or should I say, up. Let’s talk about light codes and DNA. [click to continue…]