soul mate relationships

Lovers - Ismael Nery - courtesy of wikimedia commons

All of us long to meet our soul mate. A soul mate is another person who we feel so in tune with that when we are with them we feel complete. We have many relationships in our lives and sometimes we decide that we have met the right person although they are not our soul mate. It’s important to think about how to know if someone is your soulmate.

So why is it after meeting someone and being in relationship or getting married to them, out of the blue you meet your soul mate? Or sometimes, you are the single one and you meet your soul mate only to find out they are married! What does this mean? [click to continue…]


Magic Carpet - Viktor Vasnetsov - excerpt - courtesy of wikimedia commons

We all have relationships that bring us to tears, anger, and frustration. Sometimes we are sad because we don’t see things the same way. Relationships can be old or new, or not in our lives anymore and still have an emotional and mental effect on us. So how do we go about healing relationships?

One of my girlfriends asked me for some help in letting go of someone. She is very much attracted to him although she knows the relationship isn’t really right for her. Despite this, she had a hard time getting him out of her psyche. [click to continue…]


Sometimes we have people in our lives who are just wonderful loving people. Then there are those people who drive us insane. Ever wonder why we have certain people in our lives? Is it karmic? Is it just bad luck? Or maybe there’s a spiritual lesson to be learned. [click to continue…]

soul mate

Is the person I am with my soul mate? Many times in a reading, I am asked if their current partner is a soul mate, or if they will ever meet their soul mate in this lifetime.

How will you know your soul mate when you do meet them? We all want to meet that person who loves and accepts us so much and we feel the same way.

Is this what a soul mate relationship is like? And what if you never meet your soul mate. Are you doomed to okay relationships but never that special connection? What if your soul mate is already married?! [click to continue…]