spirit pets

We love our pets just like people. They are forgiving, unconditionally loving and unfortunately, have a shorter lifespan.

What happens when they die? Do they cross over to the other side right away? Do pet spirits come back to see us? Will they be there to greet us when we die? And what about the question of reincarnation and past lives?

I remember reading about a woman who was in the hospital waiting to die. Her cat had passed into spirit already. Every night this woman would dream of her cat running [click to continue…]


Got You Daddy by Clarence Goss courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Nasa. Think rockets, space, and…reincarnation? Today I watched a you tube video clip of Scientist Thomas Campbell, consultant to Nasa, speaking to a crowd about reincarnation.

Interjected with examples that left brain people can relate to, he explained how he sees the process of dying and rebirth, and what the purpose of reincarnation is.

Ever wonder why we have to come back? Or maybe, why we choose to come back? Yes, according to Thomas Campbell, we actually want to come back to learn the lessons we didn’t quite get the 1st, 2nd, or umpteenth time round. Here’s his view on reincarnation in a nutshell. [click to continue…]