A question that is not uncommon when I’m giving a psychic reading to a client is “Can you tell me about my health?”. When I scan their body as a Medical Intuitive, they may be surprised at my answers. Many people are not familiar with medical intuition in a reading.

Psychically I sense what’s going on physically with them. The surprise comes when their body speaks to me about emotions and beliefs that underlie what’s going on physically.

Some of my clients are aware that for most diseases, illnesses, and physical discomforts, there is a psycho-emotional underlying cause. What does that mean exactly? [click to continue…]

Developing Your Intuition Can Increase Your Reiki Power

Perhaps it is the sign of the times, or maybe I’m just attracting intuitive Reiki students these days.

I’m finding that every student has an untapped intuitive ability that could really enhance their client’s session if they know how to work with it.

Just as it is our birthright to claim our natural healing abilities, being intuitive is also a natural way of being. While Reiki does not require a practitioner to be intuitive, Reiki energy does tend to open up the intuitive channels, allowing us to receive information during a session. [click to continue…]