Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides

Ever wonder if you have a spirit guide that helps you? Some people don’t know much about what spirit guides are all about, let alone how to start working with them. Once you know more about spirit guides, you’ll be able to get know and start working with yours. [click to continue…]

Want to share your photos with spirit orbs in our spirit orb gallery? Send them to me as a .jpg and I’ll include them here. Please note that you must have permission from all people featured in the photo to have that photo posted in this spirit orb gallery. Read my article about spirit orbs in photographs.

If you would like your photo interpreted, I now offer this service. More details are in the Mediumship section. [click to continue…]

signs from spirit guides

This is a story of house hunting that led to an almost perfect house. Things came down to the wire – were we going to put in a bid for the house? Well, why not? House hunting isn’t easy and when the right house comes along there is no reason to hesitate.

My spirit guides had a different opinion. In two days, we had three signs not to buy the house. Two of them came through our real estate agent, although he is pretty skeptical about the whole psychic thing. The last one we asked for a message from our spirit guides and got a cryptic message we had to google. [click to continue…]

Names of Spirit Guides

The Spectre Watches Her - Paul Gauguin - courtesy Wikimedia Commons

One of the questions I often get from people about their Spirit Guides is what is my Spirit Guide’s name? Or more generally, do spirit guides have names? You may be surprised to hear that Spirit Guides don’t always have names. And they don’t really care what you call them, but if you ask, a Spirit Guide will answer. [click to continue…]

talking to Spirit Guides

I sit here wondering what I should write about and so, as I do on many occasions, I ask my spirit guides. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be in my head, I’ll let you eavesdrop. Here is what my spirit guides say when I ask what to write: [click to continue…]