haunting ghost moving objects

Think ghosts aren’t real? A real estate agent who owns both sides of a semi-detached house contacted us because she couldn’t keep her tenants. They would move in and a few weeks later, would move out because of ghostly activity. They’d claim there was a ghost moving objects!

She had put a lot of work into the place — refinishing the floors, expensive faucets. The house wasn’t the problem. The problem was that things moved — on their own. Ashtrays would slide across the table, and the bathtub taps would turn on full blast by themselves. Was there a ghost moving objects? [click to continue…]

spirits overwhelm

Sometimes I get asked questions about what it’s like to be psychic. People have ideas about being psychic that they get from TV or movies. Or they think it’s a gift that is uncontrollable. They may think that I get bombarded from every moment that I get up. That being psychic is being overwhelmed by spirits and messages everywhere I turn.

So let me tell you what it’s really like to be psychic. You may be a little surprised to hear that I feel normal and not normal all at the same time. [click to continue…]


Spirit Guides make up that unseen team of help that we have while we are on our life journey. Most of us have at least one main guide and usually more than one. Sometimes, we have Spirit Guides that come for specific time periods or purposes. I’ve had the same main two Spirit Guides for as long as I can remember, and I recently was joined by another to help me with something I had requested.

Usually we think of Spirit Guides as being in human form, but can an animal also be a Spirit Guide? And what’s the difference between a totem animal and an animal that comes as a Spirit Guide? While your last pet may still come around you in spirit form, there are technically some distinctions between Fido on the Other Side and the dog totem animal. [click to continue…]


Haunted by Ghosts

Recently I was told about a TV show that features a psychic medium teaching kids how to get rid of ghosts. As I don’t have cable (yes TV does rot your brain and now science even says so, not just my parents), I’ve relied on the descriptions of my psychic friends as to what they think about paranormal TV shows.

Apparently, this psychic medium teaches kids to yell very loudly at the spirits telling them to “Go away!” and “Leave me alone!”. Aside from being very indiscriminate as to who these kids are yelling at (not all ghosts are trying to get your attention to be irritating or annoying), what are we really teaching them about spirit?

Yes, there are some times when you want to be strong and determinedly tell the spirit to leave. For example, it can be creepy when ghosts start moving objects! But how do you know if it’s your Aunt in spirit who is shaking the bed when you sleep, or if it’s a drop in spirit who just is up to no-good antics? [click to continue…]

It was a success! Our first seance held at Historic Bovaird House in Brampton, Ontario drew a packed house. Even the ghosts of the house didn’t seem to mind the house full and noisy.

Most people don’t know what to expect from a real traditional seance. Unlike the psychics you see in Hollywood movies or on TV, our heads don’t spin, we don’t get possessed by evil spirits, and we don’t have sound effect and visual effect guys making up all the rappings and objects moving. [click to continue…]