Ghosts and Spirits – House Clearings

spirit house

Once in a while I have a client wonder if their family in spirit will move with them when they sell their house, or move places. Will they really move with you?

Why is it then, that there are spirits that don’t belong to your family in a house you may be living in? Especially the unwelcome ghosts who move objects – why do they stay? Shouldn’t they have moved with whomever they were related to?

The answer is – it depends. [click to continue…]


8am Monday morning. This morning I woke up feeling unsettled from a dream I had. In my dream, I was wearing a white wedding dress but it had a black veil.

Like most mornings, I tuned in psychically to decipher the meaning of my dreams. Here’s what I do. [click to continue…]

Ghost voice

When I get a call about a ghost or spirit in someone’s house that they would like cleared out, I take a variety of tools with me. Did you know that you can capture a ghost or spirit voice on a digital recorder? It’s called EVP.

EVP or electronic voice phenomenon happens when the spirit leaves an actual voice imprint on an audio recorder. This case is the clearest ghost voice recording EVP I have ever captured. [click to continue…]

haunting ghost moving objects

Think ghosts aren’t real? A real estate agent who owns both sides of a semi-detached house contacted us because she couldn’t keep her tenants. They would move in and a few weeks later, would move out because of ghostly activity. They’d claim there was a ghost moving objects!

She had put a lot of work into the place — refinishing the floors, expensive faucets. The house wasn’t the problem. The problem was that things moved — on their own. Ashtrays would slide across the table, and the bathtub taps would turn on full blast by themselves. Was there a ghost moving objects? [click to continue…]