Intuitive abilities


Haunted by Ghosts

Recently I was told about a TV show that features a psychic medium teaching kids how to get rid of ghosts. As I don’t have cable (yes TV does rot your brain and now science even says so, not just my parents), I’ve relied on the descriptions of my psychic friends as to what they think about paranormal TV shows.

Apparently, this psychic medium teaches kids to yell very loudly at the spirits telling them to “Go away!” and “Leave me alone!”. Aside from being very indiscriminate as to who these kids are yelling at (not all ghosts are trying to get your attention to be irritating or annoying), what are we really teaching them about spirit?

Yes, there are some times when you want to be strong and determinedly tell the spirit to leave. For example, it can be creepy when ghosts start moving objects! But how do you know if it’s your Aunt in spirit who is shaking the bed when you sleep, or if it’s a drop in spirit who just is up to no-good antics? [click to continue…]


Courtesy Morguefile

Empathic people are able to sense the emotions of others. This can be a really great gift. It helps to stay in tune with your friends, family and co-workers so you can relate to them better.

But what happens when you confuse the emotions you sense from other people as your own emotions? How can you tell if it’s your own feelings or if you are psychically picking up on other people’s emotions? [click to continue…]

It was a success! Our first seance held at Historic Bovaird House in Brampton, Ontario drew a packed house. Even the ghosts of the house didn’t seem to mind the house full and noisy.

Most people don’t know what to expect from a real traditional seance. Unlike the psychics you see in Hollywood movies or on TV, our heads don’t spin, we don’t get possessed by evil spirits, and we don’t have sound effect and visual effect guys making up all the rappings and objects moving. [click to continue…]

Psychic Sign

A fair number of my clients ask me if they are intuitive.  You might have heard that everyone is.  And I agree.  Everyone is born open and intuitive.  Most of us shut down as we grow up.  This is partially because of society and how we are told how to conform to what is considered normal and acceptable behavior and thinking. So this begs the question – are you psychic?

Our intuitive capabilities are often associated with the pineal gland in the brain.  One theory says that as we age the pineal gland starts to calcify.  This is considered to be a “normal” part of aging.  And it’s thought that the calcification of the pineal gland causes us to lose our intuitive abilities.

Thing is, there are things you can do to open up your abilities.  [click to continue…]