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death predictions, exit points

I’m often asked – can a psychic predict death? Every once in a blue moon, someone even asks me to predict when someone will die. Sometimes it’s because that person is sick and they want to know how much time they have before that person passes. Sometimes, they ask for a death prediction because they can’t stand the person and are looking forward to when they die. Other times, people are simply afraid of dying.

Predicting death is not always an easy thing. I generally do not like to predict or tune into when someone is going to pass. Somehow, I feel it is wrong to do so unless there is a benefit to someone. [click to continue…]

signs from spirit guides

This is a story of house hunting that led to an almost perfect house. Things came down to the wire – were we going to put in a bid for the house? Well, why not? House hunting isn’t easy and when the right house comes along there is no reason to hesitate.

My spirit guides had a different opinion. In two days, we had three signs not to buy the house. Two of them came through our real estate agent, although he is pretty skeptical about the whole psychic thing. The last one we asked for a message from our spirit guides and got a cryptic message we had to google. [click to continue…]

life purpose

The Dream of St. Joseph by Anton Raphael Mengs courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Ever wonder if you have a specific life purpose? This is one of the many questions I am asked as a psychic. What’s my life purpose? Why am I here?

What I’ve learned is that your life purpose is not necessarily one thing. Life purpose has phases. And life purpose is not always about doing something as becoming something. [click to continue…]

how a mediumship session works

Light - Gabriel von Max, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

A Medium is someone who can perceive spirits. Most people think that mediumship is all about talking to your family members who have crossed to the other side. Mediums can also perceive Spirit Guides, Angels, Archangels, human spirits who are not family, and non-human entities. Let’s talk about how a mediumship session works.

Mediums can also speak to the spirits of people who are still living. Yes, we can connect with people who are not dead yet. How does that happen? How does mediumship work? There are many layers of us and not all layers are incarnated in a body.

However, not all mediums have the same abilities and not all mediums work the same way. [click to continue…]

ghost eats pizza

Ghosts are known to do many things – give someone the “chills”, make noises, even move objects. But eat pizza?

This is about a little boy who waved to the air. His mother was so scared that she wanted to move. They had a few spirits roaming their house and a couple of them were not nice. Here is their story. [click to continue…]