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psychic scam money

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Not all psychics have your best interest at heart. Their interest lies in your wallet. Psychic scams have been around since psychics have existed. And while there are truly gifted ones out there, there are also a handful of bad eggs out there.

If you know what to look for, you’ll know how to avoid psychic scams. And you’ll know how to choose a good psychic. Once in a while I get a client who tells me how they were bilked money by the last psychic they saw. Here are a few examples: [click to continue…]

Developing Your Intuition Can Increase Your Reiki Power

Perhaps it is the sign of the times, or maybe I’m just attracting intuitive Reiki students these days.

I’m finding that every student has an untapped intuitive ability that could really enhance their client’s session if they know how to work with it.

Just as it is our birthright to claim our natural healing abilities, being intuitive is also a natural way of being. While Reiki does not require a practitioner to be intuitive, Reiki energy does tend to open up the intuitive channels, allowing us to receive information during a session. [click to continue…]

Seen the movie “The Secret”? A lot of people were drawn to it because it promises that if you work with the techniques you can create all sorts wealth in your life.

Are the techniques sound? Yes they are. They are based on the universal law of attraction. But did people have success with it? Not everyone. Most people missed the most important part which was not discussed in the movie. [click to continue…]

Psychic Energy Vampire


You know those blood-sucking vampires you see in movies? They may not exist, but energy-sucking psychic vampires do. Would you know if you met one and what to do about it?

What if it turns out your spouse, child, or best friend is one? Or what if it’s you? No need for wooden stakes or garlic (although bad garlic breath will keep anybody away). Keep reading to find out what really works. [click to continue…]

It was a success! Our first seance held at Historic Bovaird House in Brampton, Ontario drew a packed house. Even the ghosts of the house didn’t seem to mind the house full and noisy.

Most people don’t know what to expect from a real traditional seance. Unlike the psychics you see in Hollywood movies or on TV, our heads don’t spin, we don’t get possessed by evil spirits, and we don’t have sound effect and visual effect guys making up all the rappings and objects moving. [click to continue…]