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psychic art

Ever wonder if brilliantly creative people get their inspiration from the psychic realm? Their intuition may play a part in their creativity. And creativity covers a large field – art, writing, music, humour, even problem solving.

The words intuition and psychic have different meaning for different people. Most people think of intuition as a gut feeling or knowing. In my books, intuition and psychic ability go hand in hand. And when it comes to creativity, it’s a natural relationship. [click to continue…]

Pendulum Dowsing

A pendulum is a weight on the end of a length of string or chain and is used to answer yes/no questions. Pendulums mainly have been used for energy healing, answering questions, and dowsing (for example for oil or water wells), although there are numerous other uses. Let’s talk about how pendulum dowsing can help you.

Using a pendulum for dowsing or divination is something that anyone can learn. One of my clients recently emailed me a question about pendulums. Here is her pendulum dowsing question: [click to continue…]

Ghost voice

When I get a call about a ghost or spirit in someone’s house that they would like cleared out, I take a variety of tools with me. Did you know that you can capture a ghost or spirit voice on a digital recorder? It’s called EVP.

EVP or electronic voice phenomenon happens when the spirit leaves an actual voice imprint on an audio recorder. This case is the clearest ghost voice recording EVP I have ever captured. [click to continue…]

haunting ghost moving objects

Think ghosts aren’t real? A real estate agent who owns both sides of a semi-detached house contacted us because she couldn’t keep her tenants. They would move in and a few weeks later, would move out because of ghostly activity. They’d claim there was a ghost moving objects!

She had put a lot of work into the place — refinishing the floors, expensive faucets. The house wasn’t the problem. The problem was that things moved — on their own. Ashtrays would slide across the table, and the bathtub taps would turn on full blast by themselves. Was there a ghost moving objects? [click to continue…]

A question that is not uncommon when I’m giving a psychic reading to a client is “Can you tell me about my health?”. When I scan their body as a Medical Intuitive, they may be surprised at my answers. Many people are not familiar with medical intuition in a reading.

Psychically I sense what’s going on physically with them. The surprise comes when their body speaks to me about emotions and beliefs that underlie what’s going on physically.

Some of my clients are aware that for most diseases, illnesses, and physical discomforts, there is a psycho-emotional underlying cause. What does that mean exactly? [click to continue…]