Willingness to Love by Dan Van der Wolf

On occasion I have the opportunity to read a book that has the possibility to deepen my understanding of myself and how I want to be in the world.

Willingness to Love by Dan van der Wolf is written from the heart and from a deep source of wisdom on how to shift your consciousness. It helps one on a spiritual path to embrace spiritual awakenings by opening up the heart, changing thoughts and finding ways to love, joy and peace. [click to continue…]

Spiritual Cleansing through Diet

Vincenzo Campi- Fruit Seller, courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Most people do not think about spirituality and food as symbiotic. Food nourishes the body. Meditation and prayer nourish the spirit. Can we achieve spiritual cleansing through changes in what we eat and how we approach food?

I’ve noticed that my intuition and energy changes with what I’m eating and how I approach food. Here’s a few ways to start to change your relationship with food and eating to embrace a more spiritual approach. [click to continue…]

dark vs light, The Golden Rays by Herbert James Draper

The Golden Rays by Herbert James Draper

As we move through these times of ascension, I notice a theme emerging. It’s a struggle between the light and the dark. The stronger my light becomes, the more I am tested.

Each and every time, I have rejected the lure and promise of the darkness. I know no matter what is offered there is always a price to pay. But for some of my clients and other Light Workers, it’s been too tempting an offer to resist.

“My house is a house of light”, she said. Then she proceeded to yell at the housekeepers she had hired. “You have to talk to them this way. It’s the only way they understand.” [click to continue…]

star child star seed

All your life you feel like you are a visitor to this planet. It’s as if you just don’t belong here. Although you have friends and family who love you, you don’t always feel like you fit in.

On occasion, you feel a longing to go home, although you don’t really understand where home is. Does this sound like you? Maybe you are a star seed or a star child.

This may sound like science fiction to you, but for some people, it explains everything. It explains why they have felt like this all their lives. [click to continue…]

thoughts change dna, ascension, light coding, activation

This blog is co-written by me and my Spirit Guide. My contributions are in regular text and my Guide’s are in italic.

For those of you who are not familiar with different points of view that are not accepted mainstream, some of what I’m going to write is going to seem really wacky. Thing is, science is catching on, or should I say, up. Let’s talk about light codes and DNA. [click to continue…]