Selina Khan


The end of the Mayan calendar has come and gone. December 21, 2012 promised to bring new shifts, including ascension. So what happened? Why is it that some people had really horrible experiences in December? Where is the influx of goodness and light for this new cycle in 2013? [click to continue…]

How to Boost Your Meditation with a Meditation Space

photo courtesy of Wikimedia: Aikhan at the German language Wikipedia

Meditation is one of the most important methods for achieving lasting inner peace, gaining enlightenment, and opening your psychic and mediumship abilities. Creating a meditation space or meditation corner can help you reach that state quicker, and reach deeper states.

When I was in my mid-teens, I started to meditate. I didn’t Aum or Om, nor did I follow my breathing. Instead, I focused on my chakras. I used to lie down and see and feel my chakras spinning. [click to continue…]

The Psychic Couch Syndrome

psychic readings change your future

No this is not about psychic furniture! This is about how you can change your future in a way that leaves you missing out on opportunities. That’s right – you can change your future. Psychic predictions are based on your current energy and projection in life. So if you don’t like what you hear, you can create a new future by changing your thoughts and behaviours. How do you sabotage your future? Read on. [click to continue…]

year tarot card spread

Happy New Year! Are you wondering what’s coming up for the year? Want to do a tarot card reading for the year ahead? Here is an easy 12-month tarot spread for those of you who read tarot cards. You can use any deck for this. It’s a quick and easy 12 month tarot card spread. [click to continue…]

I Wasn’t There When He Died

the other side

Los Entering the Grave - William Blake

I hear it many times – people who are at the hospital waiting for someone to die. They are either told to go home by the nursing staff to get rest, or they go home because there has been no change in condition for days.

After they leave, the person passes. It can leave family feeling guilty and questioning why they didn’t get to say goodbye. Was this a random thing? Or was this something that happened for a reason? [click to continue…]