Selina Khan

Frankincense, Gold and Myrrh

Frankincense, Gold, Myrrh

The Adoration of the Magi, Designed by Edward Burne Jones with details by William Morris and John Henry Dearle

Once upon a time, three wise men called Magi followed a star. It led them to a baby that was named Jesus. With them, they brought gifts – Frankincense, Gold and Myrrh. Being wise men, these three substances – Frankincense, Gold and Myrrh – were chosen for their special properties. But what could those properties be?

Some people have speculated on what these gifts could be about – everything has been proposed from the Magi’s gifts being typical to give to a king, its value in financial terms, to ingredients for a balm for arthritis! But what if we look at their spiritual symbolism? [click to continue…]

The Lure of Darkness

dark vs light, The Golden Rays by Herbert James Draper

The Golden Rays by Herbert James Draper

As we move through these times of ascension, I notice a theme emerging. It’s a struggle between the light and the dark. The stronger my light becomes, the more I am tested.

Each and every time, I have rejected the lure and promise of the darkness. I know no matter what is offered there is always a price to pay. But for some of my clients and other Light Workers, it’s been too tempting an offer to resist.

“My house is a house of light”, she said. Then she proceeded to yell at the housekeepers she had hired. “You have to talk to them this way. It’s the only way they understand.” [click to continue…]

Spirit Orb Gallery

Want to share your photos with spirit orbs in our spirit orb gallery? Send them to me as a .jpg and I’ll include them here. Please note that you must have permission from all people featured in the photo to have that photo posted in this spirit orb gallery. Read my article about spirit orbs in photographs.

If you would like your photo interpreted, I now offer this service. More details are in the Mediumship section. [click to continue…]

star child star seed

All your life you feel like you are a visitor to this planet. It’s as if you just don’t belong here. Although you have friends and family who love you, you don’t always feel like you fit in.

On occasion, you feel a longing to go home, although you don’t really understand where home is. Does this sound like you? Maybe you are a star seed or a star child.

This may sound like science fiction to you, but for some people, it explains everything. It explains why they have felt like this all their lives. [click to continue…]

how to deal with nightmares

We’ve all had nightmares. Those horrible dreams where we are being chased, killed, or watch suffering. We wake up from these nightmares with our hearts pounding in our mouths, sweat drenching our bodies and feeling great unease. And what’s worse – many of us do not know how to deal with nightmares.

Where do these nightmares come from? Are there different types and how do you deal with them? What is the meaning of these dreams? I’m going to tell you of two different sources of nightmares and some techniques you can try. Hopefully, this will help you sleep easier. [click to continue…]