Selina Khan

Top 7 Spiritual Awakening Signs

Iris – left eye of a girl by Laitr Keiows courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Ever wonder if there are any spiritual awakening signs? How do you know if you are spiritually awakening? And what does being spiritually awake mean anyway? I used to think if someone had psychic abilities that they must be very wise as well.

As I met more people on the spiritual path, I realized being psychic could be a part of being spiritual, but wasn’t necessarily so. [click to continue…]

A Prayer for the New Year

prayer for the new year

By Camdiluv ♥ from Concepción, CHILE (Colours of Happiness) courtesy Wikimedia Commons license by-sa 2.0

Every year it seems to start earlier. Before Thanksgiving is done, Halloween items show up in the stores. Before Halloween is done, Christmas items and ads are everywhere. Then in between Halloween and Christmas, U.S. Black Friday (now not only a day but a whole week of sales) is becoming a very recognized event internationally.

However, I see that people are slowly starting to wake up. [click to continue…]

You Were Never Born

you were never born

Hande-30.jpg by Matthias Süßen (modified from original) ( courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Often we hear that we never die and that’s true. We are immortal. We don’t really have a body. We are a soul that has a temporary body. But even knowing this, we still tend to fear that one day our death will come. This blog is about rethinking the way you see your immortality. It’s also about the concepts of time and space. Here are a couple of things that might just get you to stop and think. [click to continue…]

How To Find Closure

Letting Go by gnuckx via Wikimedia Commons

I have many clients and people who comment on my blog that feel there is no way to get closure in a relationship because the other person won’t admit to a wrong doing or they won’t apologize. Others ask me how to find closure. Sometimes there is no closure because the relationship ends or the person leaves or dies and you are left hanging feeling like you have no answers to your questions. Closure doesn’t depend on two people. Closure only depends on you. [click to continue…]

spirit orbs

I have two other blogs about spirit orbs in photos. The first explains what people think these spheres of energy we call spirit orbs that show up in photographs are really about. The second is a spirit orb gallery where you can share your photos of spirits, spirit orbs, and other supernatural phenomenon that you capture in your photos and on film. I tend to get a lot of questions about orbs so I thought I’d address the most common spirit orb questions here. [click to continue…]