Selina Khan

How to Become a Medium

how to become a medium

Female Spirit on a Street by Bonnybbx courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Mediumship is a skill that can be learned. You can learn how to become a medium. It is not necessary to be born a medium. Although it can be helpful if you have a natural ability, many people needed to study and practice to learn how to become a medium.

I teach you how to become a medium by helping you develop your psychic abilities first. Not everyone approaches mediumship this way. I do this because I believe that having a strong psychic foundation is necessary to become a better medium. [click to continue…]

Will I Ever Find Love?

will I ever find love

Birthday Love Birds by Marco Verch (Wuestenigel) courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

She sat in front of me with fear in her eyes and asked me “Will I ever find love?” Many of my clients want to know about relationships. Whether it’s relationship after relationship that fails or being alone for a long time, we tend to lose hope and may wonder – Will I ever find love?

I’m going to give you some things to do that can change and strengthen the possibility of you finding a loving and healthy relationship. This is based on my beliefs and knowledge about energy and how the universe works. I’ve seen clients create amazing results when they understand that they can shift their energy and work with the universe for their highest good. [click to continue…]

Spirit Guides

Ever wonder if you have a spirit guide that helps you? Some people don’t know much about what spirit guides are all about, let alone how to start working with them. Once you know more about spirit guides, you’ll be able to get know and start working with yours. [click to continue…]

the meaning of dreams blog painting of dreamers

Dreamers by Albert Joseph Moore (modified – excerpt shown) courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

The meaning of dreams can significantly alter your view of yourself, relationships, and help you navigate through life. Some dreams contain messages about where you are in life right now. Other dreams may be more about world events.

The dream landscape is a transformational tool when approached in a way that allows the dreamer to take control of, confront, and/or understand the dream theme. [click to continue…]

what happens after death angel carrying woman upward

Boreas and Oreithyia by Evelyn De Morgan, courtesy Wikimedia Commons

What happens after death is something we all think about at some point in our lives. Sometimes it’s because we wonder about a loved one who has passed. We wonder if they made it to the other side, what they are doing now and if they come to visit us.

Other times we wonder what happens after death because we are sensing our own mortality. A cousin of mine is elderly and in poor health. The doctor told her she has about two years to live. She isn’t too open about the spiritual side of life. I wish I could share with her what she may go through when it’s her time to cross as it might help her with her fear of death. [click to continue…]