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spirit voices when falling asleep

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Some people remember dreams with ease, yet there are a large number of people who don’t remember dreams. In this blog we look at a few ways for you to start remembering your dreams on a regular basis.

Why Bother to Remember Your Dreams?

Dreams can be a place where your subconscious mind communicates to you. It shows you what your fears and desires are. As the subconscious mind has a language of its own, you may find dreams to be confusing if you take them literally. Looking at the symbolism of dream elements may bring more clarity.

Sometimes our dream state can be a meeting place for contact with loved ones that have crossed. It’s easier for them to access the dream state for some people as the mind is quiet and doesn’t get in the way.

I’ve been seeing our waking state and the dream state as both being part of reality. It’s just our state of awareness that changes. I know this is a different way of thinking of dreams but to me it makes sense given that we are multi-sensory and multi-dimensional beings. This is not my idea, but one that I came across when reading the Wisdom Master Press books.

Here are the 3 techniques to help you remember dreams.

1. Keep a Dream Journal to Remember Dreams

I first started a dream journal many years ago. At the time, I could only remember the rarest snippets of my dreams. I would write down three or four lines every morning of what I could remember.

Soon, I was remembering more of my dreams. The act of recording them first thing while they were still fresh somehow triggered my mind to want to remember more. I started remembering three and four different dreams when I woke up.

After a few weeks of this, I had to stop. I had gone to writing from three or four minutes when I started my journal to 45 minutes worth of writing every day. That’s how much I was able to remember. I ran out of time before I had to start work.

It was interesting to look back to see if the dreams made sense as I noticed patterns and synchronicities. One thing that helped me recollect the feel of the dream better when I looked back was if I had drawn parts of the dream in my journal. They were quick sketches and doodles, but it really helped to make the dream come alive again in my mind.

2. Sleep with a Crystal to Remember Dreams

I met a friend for lunch and he pulled out a clear quartz single terminated crystal (a clear quartz with one point on the end). I asked if I could hold it to see what the energy was like. When I did, I noticed it opened my head and my crown chakra.

Then he told me that since he got it, he’d been carrying it around with him and even slept with it. The interesting thing was that he never remembered his dreams before sleeping with this crystal.

My friend didn’t program the crystal, but you can program a crystal through your intention and energy to help you remember your dreams. Put it under your pillow or by your head at night. It’s important to periodically clear your crystals of any energy it has absorbed. I share one way of programming crystals and many ways to clear crystals in Crystals for Psychic Development.

3. Self-Suggestion for Dream Recall

The best time to give yourself a suggestion to remember dreams is when you are just about to fall asleep. The mind is more relaxed and the subconscious mind can be reached easier where you can place this suggestion.

Often it takes more than one night of giving yourself the suggestion before you see results. Be patient and only repeat the one suggestion as you fall asleep.
My recommendation is to say something like “I remember dreams easily with clear detail every morning.”

Okay, one bonus suggestion. Sometimes I find that if I put my body back into the position when I first woke up and then drift off again, I can go back into a dream or I start to remember it.

Try these out and see how they work for you. Sweet dreams!

spirit voices when falling asleep

By the Girl's Bed by Jakub Schikaneder courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

I get a lot of people who wonder what to do when Hearing Spirit Voices When Falling Asleep. It’s amazing how many of us hear a voice at night or hear a voice while sleeping. Sometimes the voice wakes you up out of your sleep and sometimes when you hear a voice when you are in that between sleep and awake state.

Some of you have told me you are startled or afraid when this happens. You’ve also told me that the spirit voice you hear when falling asleep doesn’t always make sense. It’s a word that’s said, or a name, or a phrase that seems to be from the middle of a conversation or something you can’t relate to.

I’m going to address the most common questions that you ask me about hearing these spirits speak to you. I’ll also give you a few things to try to help you in case you want to talk to them, or you don’t want them bothering you.

Why me?

Why is this happening to you? Why are you hearing these spirit voices when falling asleep?

First I want to clarify that there is a difference between hearing in a psychic way when you are mentally stable versus hearing voices speak to you when you are not mentally stable and thinking they are something other than what they are. I’m only addressing the first case as that’s my expertise.

You are hearing these spirit voices when falling asleep because when you are sleeping your natural defenses are not strong and so it’s easier for spirit to reach you. You have a natural ability that is receptive when you are in a very relaxed state and your mind is not cluttered, such as the between awake and sleep state.

During the day, your mind is busy and this creates noise that spirit has to work to get through. It’s much easier for them to communicate to you in your sleep if you are blocked in some way, either through fear or too many thoughts. They may choose to try to talk to you when you are more receptive because it’s better for both you and them until you learn to become more receptive when you are awake.

It’s also possible that you are tapping into another dimensional plane. This happens when we astral travel. Your spirit leaves your body and experiences other planes of existence which may include dimensions that you can’t normally perceive.

When you settle back into your body, you are integrating into the physical while still partially connected to the astral. This is where you may hear voices with your physical ears or with your psychic hearing. When you are in this state, psychic hearing can seem to be very loud or tangible. If you aren’t fully awake, it can startle you awake.

Rather than coming back into the body, it’s also possible that you are starting the process of leaving the body to astral travel. The point is that it’s the in-between state of partially being in and out of the body where we are open to both experiencing and remembering.

There is a difference between catching a bit of conversation that is not directed at you and a spirit specifically trying to say something to you. Sometimes you hear a voice saying something that doesn’t seem to make sense as if you hear a random phrase. Other time, it’s a message that does make sense or a name or voice you recognize.

Is this a bad spirit? Should I be afraid?

Most of the time, the spirit voice you hear when falling asleep is not from a spirit that is negative or manipulative. In a very few cases, it’s not so nice a spirit. How can you tell? Use both your common sense and your intuitive abilities to find out.

Spirits from the light or spirit guides who work with your highest good may come with a loving or neutral feel. Spirits that are manipulative may feel neutral, angry, like they want to control, or bad. Once you get over your initial fear of being startled or being afraid of spirits, you may be able to feel their vibration better.

Another way to tell is to listen to the message. Spirits from the light do not manipulate you. In either case, there is no need to be afraid. If you know you are more powerful than they are and that you can call in protection and help from your spirit guides, family in spirit, and Angel, it will help you to deal with this situation.

Sometimes you need to have a medium come in and clear the house if the problem persists or to help guide you in shifting your energy so you aren’t as vulnerable to these types of energies.

I want this to stop. What can I do?

Ask. Ask your spirit guides to not let anything disturb you in your sleep unless it’s for your highest good. Ask the spirit to quit bothering you and if there is a message for you that you receive it in a different way that won’t scare you (unless you don’t want the message at all).

How do you talk to a spirit? You do it out loud or in your head. You can try before they show up again. You can do this the next time they pop in and speak to you.

If it’s not a spirit but you tapping into a dimension while astral travelling, then you may want to ask that your higher self or spirit guides help you settle in and out of your body in a way where you don’t hear voices.

You can also try envisioning yourself in a white light bubble and asking for protection from anything that is not from love and light. Do this before going to sleep.

If you are naturally sensitive or too open, you might want to try closing your chakras a little (not completely) so you won’t be so perceptive. You do this through visualization and intention.

Could this be a Spirit Guide?

Sure. The voice that you hear when you are falling asleep could be a spirit guide, a family member in spirit, a spirit that is just passing through, or a spirit on another dimensional plane.

I heard my boyfriend’s voice, but he’s still alive. What does this mean?

It’s possible that your spirits connected on the astral plane or that he astral traveled and his spirit spoke to you. He may or may not be aware of this when he awakens and if he does it may have felt like a dream.

I just didn’t hear a voice. Something also touched me.

Spirit tries to get our attention in many ways. Touch is another way. So are fragrances, words, sounds, feelings (like feeling a presence near you), and signs. There are other ways, but these are the most common ways.

When I’m waking up and hear a spirit’s voice, sometimes I can’t move or speak.

This sounds like the beginnings of astral travel. Many people hear a load roar – such as loud white noise – at the very start of the spirit starting to separate from the body. Other common reported symptoms are temporary paralysis, tingling in the body, or a racing heart. Once you start the process you may start to hear other beings speak as you are now able to access other frequencies that are usually not perceived when we are wide awake.

Does this mean I’m a medium?

A medium is someone who is able to communicate with the spirit world. So yes, this may be considered a form of mediumship. Most people think of a medium as someone who can connect to the spirit world while in an awake state so they can relay messages.

It is possible to train to open your abilities to a higher level so you can connect to spirits when you want to and converse with them in a more controlled way rather than hearing a voice when falling asleep. This is what I teach my students to do. We work on developing their psychic abilities so they can learn to perceive and converse with loved ones in spirit, spirit guides, higher beings like Angels and Ascended Masters.

Even if you decide you don’t want to take your abilities to a higher level, hearing voices when falling asleep is not uncommon these days. I believe it’s part of the ascension shift we are going through and becoming more intuitive and open is one of the effects of the energy shifts on the planet.

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