Spiritual Cleansing through Diet

Spiritual Cleansing through Diet

Vincenzo Campi- Fruit Seller, courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Most people do not think about spirituality and food as symbiotic. Food nourishes the body. Meditation and prayer nourish the spirit. Can we achieve spiritual cleansing through changes in what we eat and how we approach food?

I’ve noticed that my intuition and energy changes with what I’m eating and how I approach food. Here’s a few ways to start to change your relationship with food and eating to embrace a more spiritual approach.

Mindfulness Eating
Your relationship to food may be habitual or conditioned rather than organic (no pun intended!). For example, you may see eating as a necessary chore that you do rather than viewing it as a way to honour yourself by making wise choices.

Maybe you choose to combine your mealtime with another activity in order to maximize your time. This means that you are likely unaware of the vibrational level the food you are eating and how it is interacting with your vibration on both on your physical and energetic bodies.

When you are focused on the experience of preparing food, eating food, and how you are interacting with the food, you may be surprised at how it your perception of taste and fullness change. Being mindful means being aware.

I once went to a yoga retreat where it was required we eat in silence in order to focus on the food we were eating. It was awkward at first as I was not used to sitting at a table with others and not talking.

Eventually, I noticed that I was really appreciating the food. I tasted subtle flavours I had not taken time to notice. Because I was focused on eating, I was aware of how I was eating and I began to take my time and really appreciate everyone and everything that brought me to that meal. I’m sure that my digestion appreciated this as well as my energy.

Raising the Vibration of Food
I remember when I heard about one particular farmer. He had a field of corn and used to go out and sing to the corn. He had a relationship with his food that recognized the life force in it and he chose to nurture it as one would do for anyone who is alive and aware.

There was an experiment done at Damanhur, Italy. They hooked up electrodes to the plant and were able to translate it’s frequency into sound. What harmony in nature – literally! Listen to this you tube video to hear it.

Live plants are very aware of your thoughts and intentions. This has been proven in the response measured in different experiments including kirilian photography and auditory frequency.

The food you bring home from the grocery store has energy that will have a particular vibrational frequency. It still contains life energy. You can affect the frequency of that energy through your thoughts and intentions.

When you choose to be thankful and bless your food, you align yourself with higher vibrations and you also raise the vibration of the food. I often bless my food, thank it, and ask that it feels no pain as I prepare it for consumption. Having a high vibration relationship with the food you eat can aid you in your spiritual cleansing.

How Your Emotions Interact With Food Energy
Remember the movie Like Water for Chocolate? The main character’s emotions affected the vibration of the food as she cooked it.

When people would eat her food, they would absorb the energy of the food which would affect their emotions in kind. She would cry while she cooked, and the people would eat her food and start crying. She would laugh, and they would laugh. Although done in an over exaggerated way in the movie, the principle is sound.

If you prepare food while in a strong emotional state, your emotions sync the frequency of what you are chopping or cooking to what you are feeling. Some of my more sensitive students and clients tell me that they don’t feel well after eating food in a place where it has been prepared by someone with a lot of negativity.

Blessing your food is one way to help to lift any lower emotional vibrations that may have been imprinted on the meal.

Making Wise Food Choices
As you become more mindful in eating, you may notice that particular foods tend to lift you up whereas others do not have the same effect. While this is partially due to the biological impact it has on your body, I believe that it also is because of alignment of the energy of the food to your energy.

When I go out to eat, there are certain restaurants that I avoid because of how I feel afterward. MSG does not agree with me. I notice red energy in my aura and I tend to feel angry and headachey afterward. Although this is also physical reaction, I know that on an energetic level the changes in my energy are a direct result of consuming MSG.

When we start to view food as sacred, our relationship to it must change. We no longer want to waste food. We may make different choices in our diets. What you put in your body directly affects your vibration.

Food and Ascension

Your energetic frequency affects your perceptions and what you align to in the bigger universe. If you are aligned to higher vibrations, you will find that your intuition is able to function more clearly. This in turn will help to lead you to opportunities that fulfill your purpose and you may gain a deeper understanding of this journey of life.

As your vibrational rate starts to change with all of your spiritual practices and the changes that are naturally happening on this planet, you may find that your food tolerance also changes.

Out of the blue, you may no longer be drawn to or want certain foods. This is a natural part of the spiritual cleansing process. Sometimes, your body may not be able to tolerate it and you will not feel good after eating it.

Sometimes it’s because the food itself has been altered (gmo) and it won’t fit with your biology or your energy. Other times the food itself has not changed, but you have.

Food is just one avenue to raise your vibration. It is an important one that we tend to overlook. The spiritual aspect of nourishment and the relationship you have with the earth can be a way to connect with life energy in a new way.

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  • Steph June 24, 2014, 10:20 am

    I noticed I used to be addicted to popcorn esp movie theatre popcorn. I’ve been praying around diet and weight loss and I’ve noticed instead of trying to strictly follow a plan my body is just letting go of any addictions I had to junky foods. Great post Selina!

  • Tee December 28, 2014, 9:21 am

    I realized this year, after years of struggling to curb my cravings for foods for which I have no tolerance, that it’s all about changing my relationship to the situation.. I rebelled against not eating something because I “couldn’t”, so always saw things through the lens of “I can’t”, which I saw as “I’m not allowed”, a restriction or limitation. After agonizing about why I couldn’t enjoy what others could eat, I got an answer that helped me shift my perception in a seemingly random piece of text which spoke to me directly (ask and ye shall receive… 🙂 ). The message was that if I was to evolve to higher vibrations and work with energy, I needed to eat foods that enabled the process and avoid things with lower vibrations. So I got it…Now I look at it as this food is not good for me, for my life path, so even though it may be okay for others, it’s simply not for me.
    I’ve been enjoying your posts. I like how you approach and explain things. Thanks for doing what you do and helping others with your work and your posts!
    All the best,

  • Selina December 29, 2014, 3:09 am

    Thanks for your post Tee! I’m glad that you are working with the energy of food better. It sure makes a difference, doesn’t it? And you are so right – ask and you shall receive! I just love it!

    Many blessings,

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