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Some people will separate a psychic from a spiritual person. Unfortunately, this can be true. Just because you can give a psychic reading doesn’t mean you’re coming from a spiritual place. When I teach my students how to develop their psychic abilities, my real hope for them is that it will align them to a greater spiritual journey.

I thought I would share with you my personal spiritual practice. This is what goes on in my head during the day and how I view the world these days. I’ll also share what type of meditation I’m doing for myself in order to enhance my psychic abilities and work at a higher level of vibration.

Most of my thoughts these days are about the ascension shift. We began 2012 with quite a fluctuation in the energy. It was hard to know where my emotions would land as sometimes the day would start out feeling one way and shift three or four times in one day. It always left me feeling unsettled and I had to adjust to the frequency vibrations as they changed.

That was most of January. Now we are coming toward the end of February and the energy has changed again. Rather than being up and down several times in a day like a sine wave, the energy has adjusted to a range of frequencies which feels much less like a roller coaster ride. This will not be the last shift. There will be many shifts to come.

My main concern is not to get dragged down by the negativity, the violence, and all the misinformation that’s being printed these days. I started out my journey many years ago being taught by somebody who was very much into psychic protection and negative energy. She believed there were forces that would try to stop those who were shining their light.

The old adage that what you focus on is what you create was very true for me in those days. My days were filled with fear. I would watch the sky filled with chemtrails and feel powerless. I surfed the Internet and learned about the illuminati and their control. I also was working on connecting with my spirit guides and opening up as a channel.

Later in my journey, I met another teacher that had a different viewpoint. Her viewpoint was that we are always protected as we are divine beings and there is no need to do any psychic protection. But by this time I had too many personal experiences with things that were not high vibrational energy and I knew that for myself, I needed to know how to protect myself and at the same time not dwell on negativity.

Fast-forward to today. Now my thoughts are about the ascension shift and 2012. I have been seeing many spiritual numbers and sequences — 11 : 11, 111, 555. These are on clocks and also license plates or even receipts. The number 1 in this kind of the sequence is about activation and a sign that you are aligned with the divine path. The number five is about change, and this is very appropriate for our times.

2012 is a five year (2+0+1+2=5). This is a year of change. For myself, I have been working at letting go of old relationships and all of the guilt, sadness, and anger that went along with that. I have also been trying to integrate patience into my own spiritual journey. I can feel certain things coming for myself but I’m not being allowed to see what it is yet.

For the past 3 to 4 weeks I have been using a new meditation that focuses mainly on activating the light body and opening up the heart. At first it seemed that I was just getting used to the breathing, the mudras and the visualizations.

After three weeks I am getting vivid images and briefly I am able to travel with my mind. Ascension is about freeing the spirit and the mind from the body. When we are in this form we are free of the confinements of 3-D reality. It makes me question the concepts that I was taught about karma and having to experience certain things in order to learn lessons. Yes it is about growth but do we need to suffer in order to grow? Perhaps not.

Opening up the heart means that there is a different way to relate to everything around me. I am more in tune with the Earth as a living entity and what people, animals, plants, insects are feeling. It’s starting to fine-tune my psychic abilities. I find that I’m getting information that is resonating more with my clients.

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Selina Khan, Toronto Psychic Medium and Reiki Master
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I'm a Psychic Medium and Reiki Master serving Toronto, Oakville, and worldwide. I help spiritual seekers & open-minded people get clarity, find meaning, and develop their own intuitive abilities so they can live up to their true spiritual potential and life purpose.

Want to develop your intuitive abilities with an experienced teacher? Selina has taught countless students to awaken their psychic senses, and also offers one-on-one Spiritual Mentoring.

  • Maria March 3, 2012, 1:01 am

    Hi Selina,
    It’s been awhile, and I trust you are well!
    Just wanted to let you know I love your blogs!
    Keep em’ coming!

  • admin March 3, 2012, 4:43 am

    Thanks Maria! Really appreciate it!

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