Magnetic Pole Shifts

magnetic pole shift

Here in Toronto it’s warm and it’s February. Yes, this is supposed to be one of the coldest months of the year for us. We’ve hardly had any snow to speak of. And worse yet, we aren’t the only ones. A client of mine in Yellowknife says it’s unseasonably warm there as well. And in other parts of the world, they are getting too much snow.

The magnetic poles are shifting on earth. So what? It has implications on both the physical and spiritual plane. Physically it could be a very rocky ride. Spiritually, it holds great possibility that could affect us all.

Here’s what I’ve heard. This isn’t the first time the earth has gone through this. However, there is no record of it in human existence that gives us a good understanding of what to expect. What we do know is that these pole shifts are cyclical and natural.

The earth is not the only celestial body that shifts poles. The sun changes its poles every 11 years. NASA has found that this is accompanied by peak sunspot activity. The solar pole shift is expected to happen again this year. Read the following excerpt from NASA’s science news website.

Now I may be a bit biased against the government funded scientific communities not telling us everything or covering up information that may panic the people. So I go with my gut. I read the page with NASA’s answers to questions from the public and I just don’t buy it.

And I look to see what spiritually minded people are saying. One person who seems to span both scientific and spiritual fields is Drunvalo Melchizedek. He has worked with indigenous people from around the world for over 30 years. He also has been working with particular government agencies to get them up to speed on what’s going on.

He is not for everyone as he speaks of extra-terrestrials and intra-terrestrials. He also speaks of his experiences with particular non-human species and his travels done through meditation utilizing sacred geometry.

Whether he is really experiencing these things – I’ll leave up to you to decide. There is a six part series on You Tube you can watch if you are interested. Some people resonate with him, others think he is barking up a tree that isn’t there.

However, he’s not the only one who is talking about this spiritual time and the magnetic pole shifts. J. Hurtak also speaks of these magnetic shifts and the opportunity it has for human consciousness evolution in his book The Keys of Enoch. David Wilcock, Edgar Cayce, and other spiritual leaders including those of the Hopi and Mayan people all speak of the same things in different words.

The common thread here is that there is a possibility for peace on this planet and for our consciousness to evolve into a higher frequency. It may require some pretty big growing pains for both the earth and all species living here.

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