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Yay it’s the New Year! And not just any new year, but 2012 to boot! We have been hearing about and talking about the significance and the end of the Mayan calendar (December 21, 2012) for a while now.

You may be asking yourself what this year means for you. While you would need a personal reading for me to tune into what’s coming up for you in particular, I can tell you some of the bigger shifts that you may want to look out for. After all, when you see a wave coming you can decide whether to go ride it, or sit on the beach.

There are three astrological events that you might want to pay attention to this year. On June 6th 2012, Venus will align itself perfectly in between the Sun and the Earth – a solar eclipse of Venus. This event happens every 243 years.

While most people associate Venus with the Goddess of Love, Venus is also associated with war in some mythologies. While the last solar eclipse of Venus in 1769 marked the beginnings of a Revolution in America, what happens in 2012 depends largely on whether we choose to embrace love or war energy.

Jupiter is also the planet of education, wisdom and judgment. We can draw on those energies as well. If you think of the laws of vibration and frequency, what you carry within you is what you manifest without. The peek of Venus energy happens June 6th.

Here is a choice point. What are you willing to let go of what isn’t based on love? Are you willing to step outside of ego and realize that at the core – we all want the same things – love, acceptance, and peace?

Education give us tools. Judgement is the application of those tools. Wisdom is what happens when one soul recognizes another as the same. Love is the energy that lifts the illusion of separateness.

As Rumi says, “I always thought that I was me — but no, I was you
and never knew it.”

A total solar eclipse on November 13th 2012 (when the moon comes between the earth and the sun) will help you if you need your emotional house cleaned. The moon’s energy most affects us at the emotional level. It affects tides. We are made up of a lot of water. And so it affects us.

The moon energy in alignment with the sun energy is also the mother and father energy aligning (mother moon, father sun). The earth as a child completes the trinity of planetary forces at this particular moment of time.

Meditate and ask at this time to have your purpose be opened to you as you align yourself with these energies. You may be surprised at what you receive.

The last event is, of course, December 21st. Some say that there will be cataclysmic events. Others give no real significance to this date. Some even say that our planetary quarantine will end and more visible alien contact will occur.

What comes to me over and over again, is that December 21st is just a tipping point. I believe in the tipping point. If enough of us choose to open our hearts and our minds, do what is right rather than feed our unbalanced needs and wants, we manifest in our lives and in the world the possibility of peace.

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