Book Review: Willingness to Love

Willingness to Love by Dan Van der Wolf

On occasion I have the opportunity to read a book that has the possibility to deepen my understanding of myself and how I want to be in the world.

Willingness to Love by Dan van der Wolf is written from the heart and from a deep source of wisdom on how to shift your consciousness. It helps one on a spiritual path to embrace spiritual awakenings by opening up the heart, changing thoughts and finding ways to love, joy and peace.

What I really like about the approach that Dan takes is that it is authentic. He has walked this walk himself and sees that a spiritual path needs to be one that is practical and lived rather than understood on an esoteric level.

Although Dan uses words like God, Christ, and on occasion references Christian, Hindu, and Buddhist concepts, there are themes in this book that all everyone can relate to on some level. He isn’t afraid of talking about spirituality in terms of sex, addiction, love, power, and trust.

Religion and spirituality are seen as being different but connected. Although there are benefits to religion, he sees spirituality as the practical application of principles of a Loving Higher Power – however that is that you define that for yourself.

Drawing from the 12 step model, Willingness to Love speaks of the spiritual crisis that often sparks the willingness to change and become an authentic spiritual person. “Too often”, Dan says, “people make the path itself more important than the journey.”

The catalyst for transformation comes from the willingness to forgive, open the heart, be honest with oneself, and journey through the different levels of love until one finds the direct spiritual relationship with God that leads to spiritual freedom.

Dan sees his book as being “just another pointer” on your path. He believes that the right pointer at the right time can help someone see where they are going. For him, the proof is in the experience and that is where the power of belief is born from.

It’s true that the right book can come along at the right time and make the difference between giving up and surrendering. Perhaps this may be the right pointer for you at this time. You can order a copy of this book through

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  • Chandra Lawrie October 9, 2014, 4:48 am

    This could be a good read for me. I would recommend Catherine Auman’s Shortcuts to Mindfulness, it is a fantastic book of awakenings and personal growth. Her site is, it’s worth a look.

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