Ascension – Are We There Yet?


The end of the Mayan calendar has come and gone. December 21, 2012 promised to bring new shifts, including ascension. So what happened? Why is it that some people had really horrible experiences in December? Where is the influx of goodness and light for this new cycle in 2013?

If you are sensitive to energy, you might have felt the change after December 21st. The energy was much lighter on the 22nd. It has continued to stay lighter overall, but every once in a while the energy feels wonky. The influxes of unsettling energy for a day up to a couple of weeks are nothing new. We’ve been having them for a few years now.

What I wasn’t expecting was how the universe was going to bring chaos for some people at the end of the year. Real chaos. A husband walking out on Christmas day. A father trying to kill his son with a knife. A husband unexplainably flipping out and attacking his family. A traveller stranded over and over again on the same trip.

I trust that all things happen for a reason. In every chaotic and unpleasant situation, there is an opportunity for learning and change.

It could be to bring everyone together, but sometimes it is to show where you need to have better boundaries. Sometimes it’s about release and letting go, and other times it’s about choosing how to react.

My feeling is that the universe was giving a final big shove to people so they could make different choices that would better match the frequencies of 2013.

Let’s get back to ascension. There are many views of when and what this will look like. Some dates have already passed. Drunvalo Melchizedek, if my memory serves me correctly, stated that we could shift anytime now and specifically up until 2015.

Some say that it will be a gradual shift and others that it will be a very sudden change. As long as we are making progress, that’s all that matters.

Sometimes I get sucked in by the illusion of negativity that I see out in the world. More “progress” in the name of consumerism in countries that still hold onto the old ways and respect the earth. More people who are zombified by technology and the fast pace of our society – no time to think or feel. I am mortified by some of the things I hear about the younger generations – more people would rather get a “like” on facebook than a hug.

Then I remember that I am here to make a difference. All things change and there is a plan and a purpose for every living thing on, in and above the planet. I connect with my real self, my guides and angels, the consciousness of our earth mother, the universe. I remember that I am loved.

I remember what my father told me after my mom died. He was outside one night watching the clouds pass over the moon. He realized that just as the clouds keep moving and the moonlight still shines, life also keeps going and evolving. There is a greater power and plan at play in the universe.

When I feel it, I go beyond thinking about it or needing to believe it. I know that love trumps fear…always. And that is what ascension is about. Love is the way home.

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  • J February 6, 2013, 8:33 am

    lol, as always you are right on the dot. I have been wondering about it myself.

    I loved it.

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