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3 Techniques to Help You Remember Dreams

Some people remember dreams with ease, yet there are a large number of people who don’t remember dreams. In this blog we look at a few ways for you to start remembering your dreams on a regular basis. Why Bother to Remember Your Dreams? Dreams can be a place where your subconscious mind communicates to […]

Hearing Spirit Voices When Falling Asleep – What You Can Do

I get a lot of people who wonder what to do when Hearing Spirit Voices When Falling Asleep. It’s amazing how many of us hear a voice at night or hear a voice while sleeping. Sometimes the voice wakes you up out of your sleep and sometimes when you hear a voice when you are […]

Orbs in Photos: Haunted Cemeteries

One might assume that haunted cemeteries are pretty common. I’ve always told my students that once our loved ones cross, they don’t come back to visit their graves or hang around the cemetery they were buried in. But what about the haunted cemeteries that one of our readers captured on camera?

What Do Different Colored Orbs Mean?

If you’ve been capturing different colored orbs in your photographs, you might wonder if it has any particular meaning. What do different colored orbs mean? Many people believe that some of these orbs are not just specks of dust or fingerprints on camera lenses, but spirits that come to visit us.

How a House Clearing Can Help You Sell Your House

If you are planning to sell your house, your real estate agent will recommend certain things be done. Maybe your house needs a new coat of paint to brighten it up, or staging the furniture in a way that makes the flow better. But what about how your house actually feels? Could that be why […]

How to Become a Medium

Mediumship is a skill that can be learned. You can learn how to become a medium. It is not necessary to be born a medium. Although it can be helpful if you have a natural ability, many people needed to study and practice to learn how to become a medium. I teach you how to […]

Will I Ever Find Love?

She sat in front of me with fear in her eyes and asked me “Will I ever find love?” Many of my clients want to know about relationships. Whether it’s relationship after relationship that fails or being alone for a long time, we tend to lose hope and may wonder – Will I ever find […]

Spirit Guides: Everything You Want To Know

Ever wonder if you have a spirit guide that helps you? Some people don’t know much about what spirit guides are all about, let alone how to start working with them. Once you know more about spirit guides, you’ll be able to get know and start working with yours.

The Meaning of Dreams and How They Can Transform You

The meaning of dreams can significantly alter your view of yourself, relationships, and help you navigate through life. Some dreams contain messages about where you are in life right now. Other dreams may be more about world events. The dream landscape is a transformational tool when approached in a way that allows the dreamer to […]

What Happens After Death – Spirits Share Their Experiences

What happens after death is something we all think about at some point in our lives. Sometimes it’s because we wonder about a loved one who has passed. We wonder if they made it to the other side, what they are doing now and if they come to visit us. Other times we wonder what […]

7 Spiritual Awakening Signs

Ever wonder if there are any spiritual awakening signs? How do you know if you are spiritually awakening? And what does being spiritually awake mean anyway? I used to think if someone had psychic abilities that they must be very wise as well. As I met more people on the spiritual path, I realized being […]

A Prayer for the New Year

Every year it seems to start earlier. Before Thanksgiving is done, Halloween items show up in the stores. Before Halloween is done, Christmas items and ads are everywhere. Then in between Halloween and Christmas, U.S. Black Friday (now not only a day but a whole week of sales) is becoming a very recognized event internationally. […]

You Were Never Born

Often we hear that we never die and that’s true. We are immortal. We don’t really have a body. We are a soul that has a temporary body. But even knowing this, we still tend to fear that one day our death will come. This blog is about rethinking the way you see your immortality. […]

How to Find Closure Even If Things Don’t End Well

I have many clients and people who comment on my blog that feel there is no way to get closure in a relationship because the other person won’t admit to a wrong doing or they won’t apologize. Others ask me how to find closure. Sometimes there is no closure because the relationship ends or the […]

Spirit Orbs in Photos – the Most Common Questions

I have two other blogs about spirit orbs in photos. The first explains what people think these spheres of energy we call spirit orbs that show up in photographs are really about. The second is a spirit orb gallery where you can share your photos of spirits, spirit orbs, and other supernatural phenomenon that you […]

Book Review: Willingness to Love

On occasion I have the opportunity to read a book that has the possibility to deepen my understanding of myself and how I want to be in the world. Willingness to Love by Dan van der Wolf is written from the heart and from a deep source of wisdom on how to shift your consciousness. […]

Spiritual Detox Part 2: Relationships

In part 1 of our Spiritual Detox program, we talked about the relationship you have with your mind and thoughts and how that can shift your energy. In part 2 we’ll look at how the energy of the people around you can affect your aura and what you can do about it. We’ll talk about […]

Spiritual and Mental Detox Part 1: Is Your Mind In Charge of You?

A physical detox can do wonders for your body but have you ever thought of doing a spiritual and mental detox? Wouldn’t you love to feel lighter, be more positive and surround yourself with healthy and loving people? If this isn’t where you are right now, you might want to make some changes and detox […]

5 Best Places to Meditate

So you’ve decided that meditation would be a good thing for you. After all, meditation can help you be less stressed, sleep better, lower blood pressure and become less reactive just to name a few benefits. But does where you meditate matter? What are the best places to meditate? There are different places to meditate […]

The Energy of Cities. Is Where You Live The Best For You?

I’m in Oakville now, but after having lived in Toronto for over 20 years, I have to say I really noticed a difference in the energy of cities when I traveled to other cities and countries. It isn’t always about the number of people living in the area, but the kind of energy the land […]

Spiritual Awakening: the Dark Night of the Soul

If you’ve ever experienced a dark night of the soul, then you know that this period is often the hardest but most meaningful spiritual awakening in your life. A dark night of the soul feels like everything that gave you a sense of security and identity in your life has fallen away. But rather than […]

The Gift of Cutting Cords

Recently I spoke to a woman who had asked me for some guidance around letting go of a relationship. Although she felt an incredible magnetic pull to this man, she knew that he was struggling with issues that prevented him from being fully present to build a meaningful future together. They had already had some […]

Spiritual Cleansing through Diet

Most people do not think about spirituality and food as symbiotic. Food nourishes the body. Meditation and prayer nourish the spirit. Can we achieve spiritual cleansing through changes in what we eat and how we approach food? I’ve noticed that my intuition and energy changes with what I’m eating and how I approach food. Here’s […]

Spiritual Development: 2014 New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year! Do you make New Year’s resolutions? Many people resolve to lose weight, eat healthier, exercise and keep a positive mindset. In addition to these worthwhile endeavors, have you thought about what you are going to do to improve your intuition and spiritual development? In this blog, I offer you some ideas on […]

The Syzygy Oracle: Transformational Tarot and The Tree of Life

What do you get when you combine the wisdom of tarot, Kabbalah, and modern feminine mysticism? Heather Mendel’s The Syzygy Oracle is an engaging tool that draws on ancient knowledge and new understanding that is fitting for our time of ascension. With the Syzygy Oracle, you can transform yourself through the sacred pathways that embrace […]

Frankincense, Gold and Myrrh

Once upon a time, three wise men called Magi followed a star. It led them to a baby that was named Jesus. With them, they brought gifts – Frankincense, Gold and Myrrh. Being wise men, these three substances – Frankincense, Gold and Myrrh – were chosen for their special properties. But what could those properties […]

The Lure of Darkness

As we move through these times of ascension, I notice a theme emerging. It’s a struggle between the light and the dark. The stronger my light becomes, the more I am tested. Each and every time, I have rejected the lure and promise of the darkness. I know no matter what is offered there is […]

Spirit Orb Gallery

Want to share your photos with spirit orbs in our spirit orb gallery? Send them to me as a .jpg and I’ll include them here. Please note that you must have permission from all people featured in the photo to have that photo posted in this spirit orb gallery. Read my article about spirit orbs […]

Are you a Star Seed or Star Child?

All your life you feel like you are a visitor to this planet. It’s as if you just don’t belong here. Although you have friends and family who love you, you don’t always feel like you fit in. On occasion, you feel a longing to go home, although you don’t really understand where home is. […]

How to Deal with Nightmares

We’ve all had nightmares. Those horrible dreams where we are being chased, killed, or watch suffering. We wake up from these nightmares with our hearts pounding in our mouths, sweat drenching our bodies and feeling great unease. And what’s worse – many of us do not know how to deal with nightmares. Where do these […]

Light Codes, DNA Health and Activation

This blog is co-written by me and my Spirit Guide. My contributions are in regular text and my Guide’s are in italic. For those of you who are not familiar with different points of view that are not accepted mainstream, some of what I’m going to write is going to seem really wacky. Thing is, […]

Death Predictions and Exit Points in Life

I’m often asked – can a psychic predict death? Every once in a blue moon, someone even asks me to predict when someone will die. Sometimes it’s because that person is sick and they want to know how much time they have before that person passes. Sometimes, they ask for a death prediction because they […]

Signs from Spirit Guides – Don’t Buy That House!

This is a story of house hunting that led to an almost perfect house. Things came down to the wire – were we going to put in a bid for the house? Well, why not? House hunting isn’t easy and when the right house comes along there is no reason to hesitate. My spirit guides […]

What’s My Life Purpose?

Ever wonder if you have a specific life purpose? This is one of the many questions I am asked as a psychic. What’s my life purpose? Why am I here? What I’ve learned is that your life purpose is not necessarily one thing. Life purpose has phases. And life purpose is not always about doing […]

How a Mediumship Session Works

A Medium is someone who can perceive spirits. Most people think that mediumship is all about talking to your family members who have crossed to the other side. Mediums can also perceive Spirit Guides, Angels, Archangels, human spirits who are not family, and non-human entities. Let’s talk about how a mediumship session works. Mediums can […]

The Ghost Who Ate Pizza

Ghosts are known to do many things – give someone the “chills”, make noises, even move objects. But eat pizza? This is about a little boy who waved to the air. His mother was so scared that she wanted to move. They had a few spirits roaming their house and a couple of them were […]

Signs and Messages in Clouds

Remember when you were a kid and you used to watch those big fluffy white clouds? Sometime you could see shapes in them. Some of them look like animals, others like people. What if Spirit is trying to get a message to you in the clouds? If you are looking for a sign, you may […]

Master Zhou Ting Jue – Master of Qi, Heart of Light

What does it take to believe that the impossible is possible? For me, it was meeting Master Zhou Ting Jue. It was not seeing the feats of strength that defy logic, or watching has hands heat up to impossible temperatures on a thermal camera that did it for me. Instead, it was plain old water […]

In Memorium: Subash Chander, Man of Integrity

I am honoured to remember a client who passed recently from his struggle with cancer. I started to work with Subash Chander about three years ago, channeling through Reiki energy and giving him an opportunity to see things in a different way. He was a man of strength of mind and integrity. Later I found […]

Past Lives and Reincarnation – Can You Change the Past?

I recently was asked by a client whether she should get past life regression done. For those of you who believe in past lives and reincarnation, you may also believe that your karma or past life actions have influence on what’s happening to you in your current life. You can read more about karma in […]

Ascension – Are We There Yet?

The end of the Mayan calendar has come and gone. December 21, 2012 promised to bring new shifts, including ascension. So what happened? Why is it that some people had really horrible experiences in December? Where is the influx of goodness and light for this new cycle in 2013?

Creating a Meditation Space to Boost Your Meditation

Meditation is one of the most important methods for achieving lasting inner peace, gaining enlightenment, and opening your psychic and mediumship abilities. Creating a meditation space or meditation corner can help you reach that state quicker, and reach deeper states. When I was in my mid-teens, I started to meditate. I didn’t Aum or Om, […]

The Psychic Couch Syndrome

No this is not about psychic furniture! This is about how you can change your future in a way that leaves you missing out on opportunities. That’s right – you can change your future. Psychic predictions are based on your current energy and projection in life. So if you don’t like what you hear, you […]

How to do a Tarot Card Reading for the Year

Happy New Year! Are you wondering what’s coming up for the year? Want to do a tarot card reading for the year ahead? Here is an easy 12-month tarot spread for those of you who read tarot cards. You can use any deck for this. It’s a quick and easy 12 month tarot card spread.

I Wasn’t There When He Died

I hear it many times – people who are at the hospital waiting for someone to die. They are either told to go home by the nursing staff to get rest, or they go home because there has been no change in condition for days. After they leave, the person passes. It can leave family […]

End of the Mayan Calendar – What To Do?

December 21, 2012 is around the corner. This date marks the end of the Mayan Calendar. It’s been heralded as the end of the world, a shift promising ascension, and just another day depending on who you talk to. December 21, 2012 has some interesting energy to consider. Although the Mayan Calendar end date may […]

Reincarnation in Literature: Squaring the Circle

Reincarnation, life after life, is believed by more than a quarter (27%) of the population in Canada, according to a February 2010 poll done by Carleton University Survey Centre and the Montreal-based Association for Canadian Studies. Recently, I had the fortune read a fictional work about reincarnation written by a medical journalist. Dr. Lawrence Segel […]

Intention Experiments – Hope for the Future?

Have you ever intended something to happen, and it does? We’ve been told that we are more powerful than we know. Sure, you can manifest a car, a new job, a relationship – just like the law of attraction teaches you. With power comes responsibility. And we are caretakers of each other and the planet. […]

Moving Houses? No Spirit Left Behind

Once in a while I have a client wonder if their family in spirit will move with them when they sell their house, or move places. Will they really move with you? Why is it then, that there are spirits that don’t belong to your family in a house you may be living in? Especially […]

Path to Ascension – Finding Your Own Way

Now that I’ve had time to reflect on what I learned from Drunvalo Melchizedek and others on the Ascension Shift, I would like to share my thoughts on what I think is important regarding the path to ascension. Remember I said there are two main groups? There are those who are riding the wave and […]

We’re Soul Mates! But You’re Already Married?!

All of us long to meet our soul mate. A soul mate is another person who we feel so in tune with that when we are with them we feel complete. We have many relationships in our lives and sometimes we decide that we have met the right person although they are not our soul […]

Healing Relationships

We all have relationships that bring us to tears, anger, and frustration. Sometimes we are sad because we don’t see things the same way. Relationships can be old or new, or not in our lives anymore and still have an emotional and mental effect on us. So how do we go about healing relationships? One […]

Hearing Spirit Voices When Falling Asleep

There is a magical time between awake and sleep where it’s possible to hear voices of spirits out loud. If you have been in that drowsy almost asleep state and heard a voice when no one is there, it’s likely that you are tapping into the vibrational level of spirit. This has happened to me […]

Do Spirit Guides Have Names?

One of the questions I often get from people about their Spirit Guides is what is my Spirit Guide’s name? Or more generally, do spirit guides have names? You may be surprised to hear that Spirit Guides don’t always have names. And they don’t really care what you call them, but if you ask, a […]

Ascension and You

Ascension – what’s the scoop? Where are we in the ascension process and what do you need to do about it? I’m continuing to share what I understand about ascension from Drunvalo Melchizedek’s Living in the Heart Workshop. Oh yes, and I’ll share an interesting thing about the December 21, 2012 date too. Fair warning! […]

How to Pray Effectively

When you pray, do you know where you are praying from? According to Drunvalo Melchizedek, how you pray makes a difference. You may actually be creating what you don’t want if you are praying from the brain. So how do you know where you are praying from? Do you know how to pray effectively?

Eavesdropping on Spirit Guides

I sit here wondering what I should write about and so, as I do on many occasions, I ask my spirit guides. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be in my head, I’ll let you eavesdrop. Here is what my spirit guides say when I ask what to write:

Signs from Spirit – The Flower

You’ve shared some interesting stories with me about getting signs from your Spirit Guides. Did you know that passed loved ones in spirit can also give you signs? I have one client who tells me she finds dimes in the laundry all the time. This is from a dear spirit who was very much like […]

What Happens to Unborn Baby Spirits?

I did a mediumship reading today with a new client. She wanted to connect with the spirit of her unborn baby. Unfortunately, this child never had the opportunity to be born. Where do the spirits of the unborn go? And is there a reason why they didn’t incarnate? What happens to unborn baby spirits?

Spirit Orbs – Spirits in Your Photographs

Spirit orbs are balls of energy that show up in some of your photographs. Some people think that this is a spirit and other people say it’s just a speck of dust reflecting light. Have you ever seen spirit orbs in your photos? What does it mean if you see them around one person in […]

Why Are You In My Life?

Sometimes we have people in our lives who are just wonderful loving people. Then there are those people who drive us insane. Ever wonder why we have certain people in our lives? Is it karmic? Is it just bad luck? Or maybe there’s a spiritual lesson to be learned.

Cutting Etheric Cords – Relationship Help

Ever wonder why some relationships are so hard to let go? These people may have been out of your life for years but you still carry the emotional baggage. Or, it may be a relationship you want to keep, but would like to change the dynamic and how it affects you emotionally. One thing that […]

Being In the Flow

Recently I posted on Facebook that I’m seeing sequences of numbers and that I take this as a sign of being in the flow. Several people commented that they are also seeing sequences of numbers. This has really ramped up the last couple of weeks. Every time I look at the clock it’s 11:11, 1:11 […]

Psychic Ability or Mentally Ill?

I have a psychic friend whose sister was under an enormous amount of stress. Because of the stress, she developed what is called a psychotic break. To an outsider who is not psychic, it looked like she was talking to thin air. To my friend, who is both a psychic and medium, he could perceive […]

Indigo Adults and their Purpose in Life

You might have heard of these waves of people being born over the past few decades. It began with what was called indigo children. These were special children who had abilities or particular sensitivities that were psychic in nature. Now these indigo children are growing up into indigo adults. What is the purpose of these […]

My Spiritual Journey as a Psychic

Some people will separate a psychic from a spiritual person. Unfortunately, this can be true. Just because you can give a psychic reading doesn’t mean you’re coming from a spiritual place. When I teach my students how to develop their psychic abilities, my real hope for them is that it will align them to a […]

Decalcify Your Pineal Gland and Boost Your Psychic Abilities

Want to boost your psychic abilities? Then you may want to take care of and decalcify your pineal gland. It’s a small endocrine gland in your brain that produces melatonin. It’s also linked to psychic and mystical experiences. Unfortunately, most of us have pineal glands that have calcified. In this blog, I’m going to explain […]

Magnetic Pole Shifts

Here in Toronto it’s warm and it’s February. Yes, this is supposed to be one of the coldest months of the year for us. We’ve hardly had any snow to speak of. And worse yet, we aren’t the only ones. A client of mine in Yellowknife says it’s unseasonably warm there as well. And in […]

How to Know a Soul Mate

Is the person I am with my soul mate? Many times in a reading, I am asked if their current partner is a soul mate, or if they will ever meet their soul mate in this lifetime. How will you know your soul mate when you do meet them? We all want to meet that […]

Negative and Evil Spirits – Rethink

Have you ever seen a dark shadow or a negative entity? You know — out of the corner of your eye you see a figure that you don’t know. Or maybe you are falling asleep and you open your eyes and see a dark figure standing beside you? Your first reaction may be fear. You […]

Are You Afraid of Dying?

I recently met someone who would soon be going for his Doctorate in Divinity. He was intrigued by what I am and peppered me with all sorts of questions. “Are you afraid of dying?” As someone who speaks to spirits, I have to say being a medium helps. Fear of dying doesn’t make sense to […]

When Our Pets Die

We love our pets just like people. They are forgiving, unconditionally loving and unfortunately, have a shorter lifespan. What happens when they die? Do they cross over to the other side right away? Do pet spirits come back to see us? Will they be there to greet us when we die? And what about the […]

How to Approach 2012

Yay it’s the New Year! And not just any new year, but 2012 to boot! We have been hearing about and talking about the significance and the end of the Mayan calendar (December 21, 2012) for a while now. You may be asking yourself what this year means for you. While you would need a […]

Ten Ways to Reduce Stress

Stress and fear can cloud your intuition and cause a host of other emotional and physical problems. I want to share with you 10 Common Sense Principles for Reducing Stress in Your Life. This is a list that was given to me by an investigator who was in the midst of a horrific murder investigation. […]

Letting Go of Fear

Fear is an illusion. Heard that one before? When you are in the midst of fear, it sure doesn’t feel like an illusion. They say there are only two real emotions, love and fear. Let’s look at one powerful way of how you can let go of fear so you can start to embrace and […]

Animal Spirit Guides: Do Our Pets Heal Us?

Many people know that having a pet has tangible health benefits. Pets have not only given us meaningful companionship, but also have been proven to help lower blood pressure. But is it possible that our dear animal companions have also been healing us in other ways? Could your cat, dog, gerbil or fish be an […]

Thrive Movie and The Venus Project

The movie Thrive with Foster Gamble, and The Venus Project as outlined in the movie Zeitgeist: Moving Forward directed by Peter Joseph, uncovers many problems with the way we are living in our current monetary and societal systems. The underlying question in the movies Thrive, and Zeitgeist: Moving Forward is how do we achieve unity […]

A Day in the Life of a Psychic

8am Monday morning. This morning I woke up feeling unsettled from a dream I had. In my dream, I was wearing a white wedding dress but it had a black veil. Like most mornings, I tuned in psychically to decipher the meaning of my dreams. Here’s what I do.

Meditation Tips for Health

Health is often a question that comes up in psychic readings and reiki energy healing sessions. This health question comes from one of my clients. She asks… “I was just wondering if you have any meditation tips for shifting myself into a mindset of health. I think that part of the problem is my perception […]

Psychic Spies and Goats

Does the government employ psychics to spy on other countries or people? Psychic spies have been around since the cold war. You may have heard of the campy movie called Men Who Stare at Goats (2004). It makes fun of psychics who are being trained by the military to stare at goats and kill them […]

Soul Retrieval – Shamanic Journeying

Right now soul retrieval is all the rage in New York. I was thumbing through one of those women’s magazines at my doctor’s office last week and there was an article on shamanic soul retrieval. How strange was that! Strange for two reasons. First, who would think that among pictures of models, cosmetic ads and […]

Reincarnation – A view from Nasa Scientist Thomas Campbell

Nasa. Think rockets, space, and…reincarnation? Today I watched a you tube video clip of Scientist Thomas Campbell, consultant to Nasa, speaking to a crowd about reincarnation. Interjected with examples that left brain people can relate to, he explained how he sees the process of dying and rebirth, and what the purpose of reincarnation is. Ever […]

Trance Mediumship

If you’ve seen Esther Hicks channel through the spirit who calls itself Abraham, then you’ve seen trance mediumship in action. Trance mediumship is a different way of working with the spirit world, and other types of consciousness, such as Spirit Guides. Just as “Abraham Hicks” speaks through Esther, trance mediums allow spirit to come through […]

Red Shoes – Sign from Spirit Guides

Ever wish you could get an answer from the Universe or your Spirit Guides? You don’t need to be able to hear them to get an answer. In fact, there are numerous ways you can work with your Spirit Guides. In the third level of my Intuition Development Workshop Series (Introduction to Mediumship), we learn […]

Edgar Cayce and Karma

Let’s talk karma. Today I did a reading over the phone for a woman in the UK who has a firm belief in karma as harm others and be punished. She spent her life raising her children, living with an abusive husband, and trying to do her “duty” to her family. Coming from an (east) […]

Synchronicity, Coincidence or the Mind?

M. de Fontgibu & the plum pudding from Prosper de Roos on Vimeo I received this question about coincidence and synchronicity from one of my students: “I had a question regarding coincidence, recently I’ve been frustrated at my life and the answers seem to be appearing from everywhere, I just wanted to know whether the […]

Psychic Ability, Intuition and Creativity

Ever wonder if brilliantly creative people get their inspiration from the psychic realm? Their intuition may play a part in their creativity. And creativity covers a large field – art, writing, music, humour, even problem solving. The words intuition and psychic have different meaning for different people. Most people think of intuition as a gut […]

Pendulum Dowsing

A pendulum is a weight on the end of a length of string or chain and is used to answer yes/no questions. Pendulums mainly have been used for energy healing, answering questions, and dowsing (for example for oil or water wells), although there are numerous other uses. Let’s talk about how pendulum dowsing can help […]

Ghost Voice Recording (EVP) – House Clearing

When I get a call about a ghost or spirit in someone’s house that they would like cleared out, I take a variety of tools with me. Did you know that you can capture a ghost or spirit voice on a digital recorder? It’s called EVP. EVP or electronic voice phenomenon happens when the spirit […]

House Clearing – Ghost Moving Objects

Think ghosts aren’t real? A real estate agent who owns both sides of a semi-detached house contacted us because she couldn’t keep her tenants. They would move in and a few weeks later, would move out because of ghostly activity. They’d claim there was a ghost moving objects! She had put a lot of work […]

Medical Intuition – the Body Speaks

A question that is not uncommon when I’m giving a psychic reading to a client is “Can you tell me about my health?”. When I scan their body as a Medical Intuitive, they may be surprised at my answers. Many people are not familiar with medical intuition in a reading. Psychically I sense what’s going […]

Protected: How to Open Your 3rd Eye Free Audio Gift

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Psychic FAQs – Overwhelm

Sometimes I get asked questions about what it’s like to be psychic. People have ideas about being psychic that they get from TV or movies. Or they think it’s a gift that is uncontrollable. They may think that I get bombarded from every moment that I get up. That being psychic is being overwhelmed by […]

Animals as Spirit Guides?

Spirit Guides make up that unseen team of help that we have while we are on our life journey. Most of us have at least one main guide and usually more than one. Sometimes, we have Spirit Guides that come for specific time periods or purposes. I’ve had the same main two Spirit Guides for […]

Crystals for Psychic Development

There are certain tools and techniques that can help you open up your psychic abilities. Crystals are one of them and there are particular crystals that are recommended. If you understand how crystals work, then you can start to incorporate them quite easily into your psychic development. In order to effectively use a crystal in […]

Ghosts Get Out!

Recently I was told about a TV show that features a psychic medium teaching kids how to get rid of ghosts. As I don’t have cable (yes TV does rot your brain and now science even says so, not just my parents), I’ve relied on the descriptions of my psychic friends as to what they […]

Psychics and the Dark Side

One of my students writes to me: “You have many clients from different backgrounds and I thought you might be interested to know, from Russian, Ukrainian and people from some other countries, a lot of people believe in Dark and Light powers psychics use… what is more interesting, many (I am not sure how much, […]

Dream Interpretation

Ever feel like your dreams are trying to tell you something? Maybe they are. Many people have experienced predictive dreams, dreams with messages. Some people have had family members who have passed come through their dreams. Is this real or is this just the unconscious mind sorting through memories and experiences?

Tarot vs. Oracle Cards

Most of us are familiar with the Tarot deck. Pictures of the Hanged Man, The Tower, or Death card have been used as an ominous warning in Hollywood movies. But the Tarot is actually a tool for guidance and transformation. The major arcana are all the “face” cards in the Tarot deck. That means all […]

Can a Psychic Bring Someone Back?

Just received a question from one of our readers: “Hi i was just reading your blog and you stated that no one can make anyone do anything including coming back to a relationship. i guess my question is if i want someone who i was in a relationship with to come back to me you […]

Empathic Abilites and Boundaries

Empathic people are able to sense the emotions of others. This can be a really great gift. It helps to stay in tune with your friends, family and co-workers so you can relate to them better. But what happens when you confuse the emotions you sense from other people as your own emotions? How can […]

Psychic Scams Buyer Beware

Not all psychics have your best interest at heart. Their interest lies in your wallet. Psychic scams have been around since psychics have existed. And while there are truly gifted ones out there, there are also a handful of bad eggs out there. If you know what to look for, you’ll know how to avoid […]

Increase your Reiki Power through Intuitive Development

Perhaps it is the sign of the times, or maybe I’m just attracting intuitive Reiki students these days. I’m finding that every student has an untapped intuitive ability that could really enhance their client’s session if they know how to work with it. Just as it is our birthright to claim our natural healing abilities, […]

Manifesting Wealth – The Missing Secret

Seen the movie “The Secret”? A lot of people were drawn to it because it promises that if you work with the techniques you can create all sorts wealth in your life. Are the techniques sound? Yes they are. They are based on the universal law of attraction. But did people have success with it? […]

Psychic Energy Vampires

You know those blood-sucking vampires you see in movies? They may not exist, but energy-sucking psychic vampires do. Would you know if you met one and what to do about it? What if it turns out your spouse, child, or best friend is one? Or what if it’s you? No need for wooden stakes or […]

Halloween Seance

It was a success! Our first seance held at Historic Bovaird House in Brampton, Ontario drew a packed house. Even the ghosts of the house didn’t seem to mind the house full and noisy. Most people don’t know what to expect from a real traditional seance. Unlike the psychics you see in Hollywood movies or […]

Psychic Readings – Can I change my destiny?

Ever go for a psychic reading and the person tells you something that you don’t like about your future? As a psychic, I tell people exactly what I get – not what they want to hear. So I often hear from clients, “can I change my destiny?” Sometimes that means telling you things about your […]

Psychic Protection – To protect or not to protect?

There are two schools of thought out there about psychic protection, also called psychic self-defense. The first school of thought says you don’t need to use psychic protection as you are a Divine Being who is always protected.  If you think that you are always safe, then you will be. This comes from the manifestation thought […]

I see the spirit of my cat Miso

It’s been over two months now that I had to put my beloved cat Miso down.   She had been losing weight for a while and refused to eat.  There was nothing the vet could do.  She suggested it was time to put her down.

Are You Psychic?

A fair number of my clients ask me if they are intuitive.  You might have heard that everyone is.  And I agree.  Everyone is born open and intuitive.  Most of us shut down as we grow up.  This is partially because of society and how we are told how to conform to what is considered […]